Best Price for "Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro" - Where?

Where can I currently find the best price for "Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro" 6gb/128gb?
Have been looking to buy a best option under $400 mark and finally decided to go with this one.


  • Maybe wait until they release Note 10 in couple of months.

  • When I got my Note 8 Pro in late March I got a great deal from the "mi official store" on an Ebay 20% off sale. Best of all, they dispatched it that day and I picked it up from the local chemist 5 minutes walk away the next afternoon.

    It probably wasn't the rock-bottom price but delivery time, local seller, etc made it worth it (to me).

  • banggood via app with code BG10N99P6 for $302.55 (64gb version).

  • If you are in vic there is a guy on the wp xiaomi thread that has a new factory sealed one he might sell you.
    He bought it in hk but now is afraid to open and use it as it has EU software.