This was posted 1 year 8 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$1.99 off-Peak Delivery Fee with No Minimum Spend at Most Restaurants @ Menulog


Menulog's delivery fee is now $1.99 for off-peak orders for most restaurants. No minimum spend.

Eligibility criteria:
  • Delivered by Menulog
  • Off-peak times only:
  • From 5:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • From 9:30 pm to 5:00 am
  • KFC
  • Maccas and HJs orders during the middle of the day*
  • Delivered by Restaurant

*Not sure what the exact window is. Maccas and HJs orders after 9:30pm are eligible.

Not a bad deal considering other platforms charge closer to $7 for the same restaurant listed on Menulog. Personally, the downside is my Menulog orders typically take longer to arrive and drivers are unlikely to follow delivery instructions.

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  • +11

    That’s unbelievable

  • +6

    Pretty decent deal tbh.

  • It's unfortunate that The Colonel always gets his cut.

    • +1

      Don't forget the colonel's in app 9 for $9.95 today.

      And also next Tuesday.

  • +1

    This started Sunday night. I didn’t post since The real Happy hour is over.

  • +3

    does this equate to less money in the pockets of delivery drivers?

    • +3

      usually it's a subsidy from menulog so no

      • let's hope so.

  • -2

    Doordash tend to have $1 delivery for orders under $15 and free delivery for over.

    • +11

      Doordash also have significant problems actually delivering orders..
      After Menulog's earlier promotion I'm more than happy to support them over other companies anyway.

    • +6

      Also tries to charge me a $3 small order fee for orders under $15.

    • +5

      yeah but doordash also suck ass

    • +1

      They now look like they charge a 2% platform fee

    • +2

      Door dash are pretty terrible tbh. Plus their pricing system is deceiving.

  • +1

    Excludes kfc, sad.

    • +5

      Welp, it's better to pick up 9 chickens for $9.95 today.

      • +2

        I'm headed there now.

        Playing hooky right now for that cheap kfc.

  • -1

    Every item is still marked up by $2…. So you are paying delivery regardless of the additional delivery fee.

    • +2

      I thought this was common knowledge and applies to ubereats and doordash aswell.

    • +2

      Obviously lmao
      This is a $3-$5 saving on the delivery fee without a minimum spend.
      If you have the time and means to go pick something up it's going to be cheaper than getting it delivered?

    • +2

      Yep no incentive for restaurant to sign up … 30% is the cost for restaurants using uber eats. 16% for pickup…

    • Looks like prices has gone up. Weirdly same stuff for one restaurant in my area is cheaper on Uber eats

      • Yep, at one of my locals every item is $1 cheaper at Ubereats.

  • Tried Maccas and HJ's as a test, however it was showing $6 delivery fee. Any idea what time this offer starts?

    EDIT: Looks like it doesn't work at Maccas/HJ's, but works at other places

    • +1

      it worked at all my local maccas, it was late at night on the weekday(monday) though not sure what other time it could be

  • +6

    I’m fat enough, stop it Menulog!

  • +2

    I think it's started now. Most restaurants showing $1.99 for me.

  • Just got my lunch for $1.99 and was going to advise the same thing.

    As mentioned above, but sad KFC and Maccas couldn't come to the party.

    • +2

      When said food was never even delivered anyway before menulog came in, then i don't know what your problem is. It's about convenience and value. Maybe those two terms you're not familiar with.

      Business have expenses and then each individual business can choose to be on menulog or not. No one is forcing them at all.

  • +1

    Been using the $5 off Happy Hour Menulog coupons for too long to offset the delivery fee. So it feels like I've been getting free off-peak delivery for months.

    I'm guessing the $1.99 doesn't work with the new Happy Hour

    • +1

      Im hoping it will, I'll test out at 4pm
      EDIT: Just realised the happy hour is min $20 now. Damn that kills it for me

      • I know. I come to menulog for the lack of minimum spend

    • Your theory seemed to be correct since happy hour is during peak and not offpeak.

  • +1

    What time is considered off peak generally?

    My immediate answer was not peak which makes sense but I am wondering if there is a guideline for hours peak and off peak or does it vary wildly with each restaurant.

  • I was wondering why maccas was so cheap last night

    • Should be only $5ish difference.

      • I only bought a burger lol.
        Had the before bed hungries

        • +3

          Sometimes you just need that triple quarter pounder to appease the sandman.

  • +3

    As an Uber eats and Menulog driver, I can tell menulog doesn’t have criticism for drivers, so most drivers who operate both apps would do Uber first, most restaurant knows this hence they would also delay menulog orders, if the driver comes on time he has to wait around 10 min not like Uber he can get the order on time. Uber reduces pay since COVID but still most driver prefer Uber orders.

    • what do you mean menulog doesnt have criticism for drivers?

      • +1

        They mean that the customer can't give a bad review.

        So if you order with ubereats, they are incentivized to get your order done quickly, lest you give them a bad review.

        If you order with menulog, there is no rush, as you can't give them a bad review at all.

        • ah okay makes sense.

    • I have had some bad experiences with menulog and deliveries and they are more difficult to work with to get things fixed when something goes wrong. But i think they have less of a markup.

      • I just had the driver spill my soup so no delivery. Let's see if I have the same menulog experience.

  • Does this apply even on weekends?

    • Showing as $1.99 delivery for me. My local hungry Jack's has free delivery also tempting!

  • it's 9.46pm and the delivery fees have not gone down to $1.99 oh no….

  • I tried some Indian on Saturday my delivery is still $5. Tried the app and the desktop, no luck.
    Just found out it was not menulog delivered, that could be why.

    • I think that is why.

      In my area it is all "Delivered by Restaurant" and none of them get discounted to $1.99 during off peak hours.

  • Don't think it works on Sunday night

  • So basically any Delivered by Menulog order outside of 4pm and 9:30pm.

  • Still going?

  • Found a small hack/bug ordering tonight with the HOTNSPICY code.

    For peak hour (eg. dinner), add what you would like for dinner into the cart prior to peak hour but don't pay for it. Once it's dinner time, say 7PM, go back to the app and submit the payment. I was charged $1.99 delivery and got $7 off with this weekend's code. Total savings would be $10.

    • Damn. I think they fixed the bug.

  • Is this still on? I'm not getting any 1.99 deliveries and it's nearly 10pm.

  • Damn $10 minimum spend for all orders now, no more 14c dippy dogs

  • +1

    No sure it is only me or nationwide, I now get $2.49 off peak delivery fee instead of $1.99. Seems menulog and uber eats are so eager to take delivery fee higher.

    • Menulog is still pretty generous with their delivery fee…

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