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Convoy C8+ SST40 High Power 2000lm 6500K Flashlight, A$36/US$25, Delivered @GearBest

AEDT Time Item Deal Price(USD) GST-inclusive Price(AUD) Code
2020/10/20 Pocket Mini Binocular Telescope 30X60 HD High-powered Portable Binoculars - Black Blue film 9.99 15.60 flash sale
2020/10/20 Mijia MJGJD01YL Monitor Hanging Light 52.99 82.77 GBMIHLAMP
2020/10/20 IdeaDisplay PT161FE 15.6 inch Computer Monitor 1920 x 1080 Full HD IPS Display USB-C Game Monitors with Type-C Mini HDMI Support Switch PS4 XBOX Gamepad - Black EU Plug 188.99 295.20 flash sale
2020/10/20 Alfawise Q9 BD1080P 40-300 inch Mirroring Screen 4K Smart Projector with High Brightness 169.99 265.52 GBALQ902
2020/10/20 Alfawise C50 Mini Wireless Smart Laser Engraver Cutter APP Operation Freely DIY Various Materials Engraving Machine 98 x 88mm Engraving Area - Silver EU Plug 119.99 187.42 ALFAWISEC50
2020/10/20 Easythreed X3 Mini Build Volume 3D Printer 150 x 150 x 150mm with Hotbed Small Education Entry Level Consumer Personal 3D Printer - Aquamarine x3-EU Plug 117.99 184.30 flash sale
2020/10/20 Kospet Raptor Outdoor Smart Watch Rugged 1.3 Inch Smartwatch 31.99 49.97 KOSPETRAPTOR
2020/10/20 Convoy S2+ L2 T6 - 4C 960LM 7135 LED Flashlight 15.99 24.98 flash sale
2020/10/20 Convoy C8 + Met Luminus SST40 Koper DTP Board En Ar-coated Binnen 2000lm 6500K 19.99 31.22 flash sale
2020/10/20 Convoy MK S2+ Nichia UV 365nm Waterproof LED Flashlight Upgraded Version 22.99 35.91 flash sale
2020/10/20 Ortur Aufero CNC Engraver STM32 24V 10000 RPM Industrial Grade WiFi Control 3.2 inch Touch Screen Cutter Engraving Machine Modular Installation 269.99 421.72 GBORTURCNC
2020/10/20 Fascia Massage Gun Muscle Relaxation Massager Fitness Equipment Noise Reduction Design 6 Speed Optional Button Model 31.99 49.97 GB$MUSGUN
2020/10/20 SL-004 Halloween and Christmas LED Light-emitting Glasses Electronic Music Bar Disco Equipment APP Edit Eyeglasses 16.99 26.54 MCGLASSES
2020/10/20 Alfawise WM02 Vertical Wireless 2.4GHz Mouse - Black 12.99 20.29 flash sale
GST Free Product
2020/10/20 20PCS KN95 Masks Anti Dust Bacterial Protective Masks Filtration Non-woven FFP2 Mouth Cover 19.99 31.22 J56A78AE959EB000
2020/10/20 ORICO 2.5 Inch HDD Case SATA 3.0 to USB 3.0 5 Gbps 4TB HDD SSD Enclosure Support UASP HD External Hard Disk Box 3.99 6.23 flash sale

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  • Was keen to purchase c8+ but due to no 4 modes it's a miss for me.

    • What does the 4 modes do?

      • Has temperature control as this one gets very hot after a while

        I made the Same Mistake with convoy S2+ plus. Gets very hot can't even hold it after a little while on high setting

        • Just curious. Did you max out with 8x7135 for it to overheat this much?
          I'm on a 6x7135 and it's great. Wondering if it worth upgrading to 8x7135? Or would it be less practical as the highest mode is too hot and the 2nd highest is not as bright as the 6x7135 on max

          • @Navanod66: Yeah I'm pretty sure I have the one you mentioned. On high setting after 4-5mins starts to get really hot. Im spewing I bought that model, didn't know it would get that hot.

            Imo it's a useless torch if it can only stay on high setting for a few minutes

  • also dont thiink any of them charge usb, have to keep taking battery out.

  • How is it possible that the compact binoculars are 30x60?

    • It's not. The '60' is supposed to mean the objective lens is 60mm across, which it clearly isn't.
      And if it really was 30x magnification, good luck holding them still enough to see ANYTHING.

  • Don't buy from gearbest I paid them on 15th September for xiaomi pocophone x3 and they said they will ship in 2 weeks. every time I asked i was told two weeks waiting time and the reason was given every time that it is high demand. they sold it cheaper on 11.11 sale and I am still waiting given me a tracking number which ends up nowhere. very soft language used by translator software but very bad people and service. series of lies is their passion be careful of these bunch of liars.