Apple Homepod - Language Support (Cantonese)?

Hi OzB,

Just wondering whether there are any existing HomePod owners who speak Cantonese and have been able to get their HomePod to understand Cantonese?

I am planning to buy a HomePod device (either locally, or from HKG if I need to) so that it will allow my family member to operate it in Cantonese.

Research: I contacted Apple AU support who thinks that Cantonese is supported (based on a local sales person testing their personal device), but referred me to a store to request a demo. I rang a store and they said the device is locked and they can't test the language capabilities. The rep suggested I buy one and refund it if it doesn't work. Something I learnt is that they apparently have a 14 day no questions asked refund period (item can be unboxed and used…)

TL;DR if you speak Cantonese, and have a HomePod would you mind testing whether you can get HomePod to recognise your commands issued in Cantonese?

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    the HomePod is sold in HK so it did eventually get cantonese language support. It wasn't supported on initial release.

    • Yup. thanks. I've seen similar vids but they all say "Hong kong version". Apple support also weren't too sure about Cantonese being supported by the HomePod in Australia due to the regional settings/geo-blocking etc. Are you suggesting that I buy the Hong Kong device and ship it to Australia, and it should work?

  • I believe it is using something similar with Siri. If Siri can recognise your voice in cantonese then I dont see why the homepod wont work the same.

    I am not a apple fan and not really play around with Siri. But from what I hear and see from people using Siri with cantonese, I dont think Apple will bother to create another distinguish system to do voice recognition similar to Google.

    • Thanks @netbies; Siri on the Ipad recognises Cantonese - we've been using this with no dramas, but apparently HomePod is different. Same situation with Google Assistant, and Google Home. Google Assistant on the phone/tablets will recognise Cantonese, but Google Home can't…