Protein Powder Amino Acid Profile - Should I Pay Extra for This?

I've gone through a bag of vegan protein blend from a previous deal and have 1 bag left - looking to re-order again.

Looking at the myprotein website however I've noticed that there's a huge price difference ($40 vs $110) between 2.5kg, unflavourered bags of pea protein isolate and vegan protein blend. The only substantial difference seems to be that the vegan protein blend has an amino acid profile (see below or in the product link). Being quite new to the protein powder game, how crucial is this and does it justify the huge price difference (even after discount codes), or is the pea protein just a price error? Hoping someone can paint a clearer picture of which one to order!

Amino Acid Profile
Amino Acid Per 100g
Cystine + Methionine 1.47g
Histidine 2.19g
Isoleucine 4.18g
Leucine 7.77g
Lysine 6.33g
Phenylalanine + Tyrosine 7.60g
Threonine 3.12g
Tryptophan 0.80g
Valine 4.52g


  • Just buy the Pea Protein and then some BCAA's seperately. Anything with the word Vegan on it multiplies price x2 in general.

  • In contrast to animal proteins, most plant proteins, such as pea protein, are incomplete proteins. Pea protein is low in methionine and contains lower amounts of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which play a crucial role in muscle health.

    This is why you want some extra BCAA's when going vegan proteins fyi.

    • In contrast to animal proteins, most plant proteins, such as pea protein, are incomplete proteins.

      The info in OP's original post clearly lists out each of the 9 'essential' amino acids, so it's a complete protein.

      Considering that protein is made from BCAA's and any supplement marketed as such must contain all 9, advertising BCAA content on the packaging is little more than a gimmick from my perspective.

      • He's listing out what's included in the VEGAN PROTEIN that's more expensive. I put that there so he understands WHY those are in there and that he can achieve the same by buying the Pea Protein plus BCAA's seperately.

        • I think we're both trying to do the same thing, just going about it in different ways. All I'm trying to highlight is that the amino content is probably the same or very similar across both products regardless of whether the BCAA content is advertised on the packaging.

          The whole reason the Vegan product is more expensive is because it says Vegan on the label :D

          • @Gronk: Thanks guys some good info there, wasn't aware that "vegan" was even a marketing term! I suspect the pea protein may not have the added BCAAs, therefore it was not advertised. Though I'm sure the added BCAAs in the vegan protein doesn't justify the almost 3x increase in price!

  • awesome thanks for that.. where can I get some BCAA? Should I shop on myprotein or CW?

  • I used to mix pea and rice protein powders, unflavoured, unsweetend. I liked it, has a sort of oaty flavour. I would sweeten it with honey or sugar free chocolate milk mix though, and a frozen banana, and raw tofu, and ice cubes. And frozen berries, the frozen berries help a lot with the taste. And unsweetened almond milk to give it a looser smooth consistency. You end up with a thick sludge that will make you feel full for six hours. I don't know if it was healthy or what I just liked the taste and convenience of it all.

    • a thin shake is the most I can manage haha I'd probably have to water the sludge down with 2x the amount of water!

    • can confirm this, recently switched to a non dairy protein and this combined with almond milk leaves me fuller way longer!..