Wanting to Buy a Diamond and Setting on James Allen. Is James Allen Legit?

Looking to buy a 0.9ct diamond, just wondering if anyone has any experience using online diamond retailers?

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James Allen
James Allen


  • I've previously Blue Nile and it was good.

    • really ?

    • I've bought diamond rings from Blue Nile and everything was smooth and fine.
      Diamond was the one I chose with correct serial number, etc.

      I think I first heard about Blue Nile on Oprah or something.

      • Would you recommend blue nile?

        • Bluenile.com also scores well on Scam Doc. 96% Excellent trust score : risk is extremely low!

        • Yes, highly recommend if I was going to buy an engagement/wedding ring, etc.

          You get to choose the diamond and ring. The ring (metal part) itself I found was much cheaper than in stores.
          And was good to be able to choose the best diamond on whatever budget. You get to the cost breakdown and can make adjustments accordingly.

          I had to pay 10% GST on top when importing, so take that into consideration when you make your purchase.

          Even then, the completed rings were much cheaper than in store in Australia.

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    James Allen scores well on Scam Doc 96% Excellent trust score : risk is extremely low!

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    Is James Allen Legit?

    I'd stay away.

    Lots of sockpuppets buy from them…

  • I bought my wife's engagement ring on James Allen 3 years back. Service was fine, GST on import to be paid but that was it, really.

  • James Allen and Blue Nile are legitimate. They both have physical stores in the US.

  • Bought wife's ring from there several years ago.
    Definitely legitimate but not as cheap as it use to be , due to exchange rate

  • OzBargain solution - buy a Cubic Zirconia.

  • I bought diamond earrings from them 6 years ago. The whole process was very professional.
    The only bad thing was dealing with Fedex to pay fees and duty.

  • James Allen is legit. Got our wedding bands from them. Great service from what I remembered. Had no complaints.

  • You guys are buying actual diamonds? I need rent money…

  • I bought wife's engagement ring on James Allen and my wedding band and wife's eternity ring on Blue Nile. Everything went well.

    It was heaps chaper than Michael Hill.

  • Got mine for a Perth seller called Jogia Diamonds. The prices are slightly higher than Blue Nile / James Allen but includes GST and importation fees.

  • Thanks everyone for the replies. Seems like blue Nile and James Allen are both legit.

  • I bought from www.diamondexchange.com.au and was pretty happy with the service and outcome. Similar to Blue and James but Australia based