Solutions by Brandon Website - Customer Experience?

Hey all, has anyone has shopped with these guys. Good / bad ?

TL:DR - you can use the poll if you don't feel like writing a reply.

Price wise they are the cheapest local option on a NAS I want, I did find 1 or 2 neg reviews on OzBargain and there's 2 or 3 grumpy people on their facebook group but happy customers are always less likely to provide feedback so I'm not letting that put me off yet.

More negative feedback answers here will though, so let's hear it. Are there any happy customers for these guys who care to chime in?


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  • Link?

    Edit - found it. The address given (no number on sanders Dr Doreen Vic) is a regular suburban street. No sign of a business. They sound fake

    • Not off to a good start…

      I'll see what else comes back, if no happy customers appears I'll just buy from the USA and save some money in the process.

  • Sole trader ABN

    No chance they have expensive stock on hand.

    What model NAS are you after? This guy would 99% just be dropshipping/reselling stuff from elsewhere.

    • Synology DS1621+

      Website claims to have 13 in stock (was 15 yesterday) but these are thin on the ground, in fact I'm not sure any have made it into Australia yet. UK and USA vendors haven't received stock yet.

      Thanks for your dropship comment, that answers that mystery. So he's just a middle man, I can pre-order from the USA and save ~$100 and probably get it in the same timeframe as him. I questioned him about this in an email but never got a response.

      That'll do me - shopping elsewhere at this point. Thanks.

    • Yeah he's just reselling through a large catalogue company. These little PC stores wouldn't even have the space to inventory this stuff themselves. Surely Amazon would be cheaper anyway.

      • Thanks for further clarification. I'm an avid supporter of Amazon, unfortunately Synology isn't something Amazon embrace very well. It could be months before this new NAS appears on their site and it's possible it won't be cost competitive either. It's not even on Amazon US, or eBay yet. I could wait, but I've already waited months for this release, I'm ready to buy. I expect over coming months local prices will settle around the $1250-1300 mark - it's quite superior to its predecessor which spent most of its life around around $1200. So I don't think theirs much saving to be had by waiting longer, just a smoother experience.

    • Funnily enough I found that after I posted this question, yeah… The only things I can find out about this guy / his business is negative. Usually there's positive to offset the negative. But this guy has only attracted problems.

  • I've never bought an expensive item from him, but i've bought misc office things. Never had an issue, and was sent by courier.

  • I've been able to determine the end price buying from bhphotovideo is $1373. So with Brandon out of the equation the next best local option is PCLan ($1450) who have stock with their manufacturer. I'm checking to see if that means domestic stock or international stock. If the latter, I may as well save $77 dollars and get it from the former. If PCLan have stock in Australia I might pay the premium as I imagine bhphotovideo might not get the NAS out to me until sometime in December.

    • PC Lan have local stock in a warehouse (+1 business day) so I ordered through them. Ended up costing me $1468 delivered. $95 more than bhphotovideo but I'll have it way quicker.

      PC Lan have it on eBay (3 in stock at time of writing) but it's more expensive than buying direct from their website.

      Hope this helps someone.

      I'm sure now that I've bought this, we'll see a steal of a deal come Black Friday on eBay :)

  • Hope all goes well… Experience of others seem to be, can not contact but mostly fine.

    Drop shipping is fine, but they need to place the order from the supplier and relay information should something happen. This might be a problem

    • I ended up paying a bit extra to get it from a source I felt I could trust. PC Lan had excellent communication and put one aside for me despite a payment delay from my bank. All worked out well in the end.