Changed Rooms and Smart Devices Won't Connect to Google Home Anymore

Hi folks,

Just a question.

I have changed rooms in my house and I have taken my smart plug (which is connected to a lamp) and Yeelight to the other room.
I have plugged them in and they just don't work anymore. I can't figure out why - the WiFi etc hasn't changed.. .

cannot figure it out.



  • Maybe something to do with DHCP? Either restart your Wi-Fi router or Reconnect the Wi-Fi on the smart devices.

  • Are they showing up as active clients in your router?

  • more walls between you and the router?
    Further away from the wifi?

    dozens of things it could be

  • I'd start by checking the wifi signal strength in the new room and go from there.

    • Very strong throughout the house

      • You've mentioned that you're running a mesh router, did you check to see if it's broadcasting 2.4ghz or 5ghz? Because your smart device will only be able to connect to the 2.4ghz band and I've seen plenty of posts from people who have had issues with their smart devices after upgrading to a mesh network.

  • Take it back to the other room and check. Try another room. If your room is still having issues, you probably have issues with signal strength.

    If its's the original Modem/router from your ISP, then that would be part of the issue. That's why some Modem -Routers are $200-300-400-500 upwards, and usually have better signal strength.
    Our DLink was $300, and I still had to connect 2 extenders to get coverage in the garage, as well as our pool filter.

    • Interesting.

      Well, I have mesh router set up and network is usually 80mbps+

      Unsure. But will have another play with it tonight

  • I remember, while setting up my smart devices, i saw a prompt or instruction to make sure the device and google home are set up in one room, as in one virtual room that you create in google home app.

  • Thanks guys

    The WiFi is running alongside or via a mesh router system, the tenda Nova. Wonder if it makes a difference. Can't see how, as it didn't before…