I just need help choosing a washing machine from good guys? I'm completely lost

I have a NILS loan.

i am getting this fridge for 440$ with nsw council scheme


and with that i have around 1k left to spend on a washing machine, obviously not smart to spend that much on a washing machine as a student who lives on his own but i can pay it off with monthly installments for 2 years so its light work and i have a good job that pays good.

I really dont know what washing machine to select, i dont care if its front loader, top loader, german, etc.

I dont have a car which makes getting them from dent shops hard and if i buy it from good guys its easy for me.

i just need help selecting one of the washing machines from goodguys, any.


  • How many adults/children do you need the appliances for?

    Before knowing your reply, I would recommend you do not buy a fridge with a water function like you linked.

    The amount of black/red mold I have seen either in or around the spout is absolutely disgusting…would rather just put a jug in the fridge.

    Mine has one and I am waiting for it to die, in the meantime it gets dismantled and washed twice a week.

  • I had an issue with Bosch several years ago. When the machine broke down, we had trouble locating an agent for our area, as we were too far from the Newcastle Agent. We then had to rely on the Central Coast agent, who was another week away. I won't go on with the rest of the issues.
    He also said the low end ones were poorly made.

  • There's no point in buying entry-level German white goods as they're all built in China or Turkey to the same standards as all of the other entry-level models. You need to be spending over $1,000 dollars on a Bosch 8 Series washer to get a made in Germany model.

    You're better off with Samsung washing machines at that price point as they're all made in South Korea and most of the entry-level models can do 90 degree cycles too, which is really what matters more than capacity if you care about hygiene at all.

    As for the fridge, at that price point they're pretty much all made in Thailand/China and the brand is largely irrelevant but some of the more overlooked features such as LED light count, availability of door-mounted/shelf accessories (can dispensers are extremely useful) and the level of drawer insulation can vary greatly between different brands and this is definitely something you want to inspect in-person at a store.

  • For fridge, my one tip would be to buy bigger than you think you might need (size permitting).

  • If you have to get a nils loan to get this stuff, I highly recommend not dropping all that cash on a fridge that size, and an 8kg washing machine, brand new, for 1 person. If you must get new, buy from the places that have factory scratched/dented stuff, or buy used. You could get a used fridge and washing machine for under $500 most likely.

    • the fridge will be 50% off so its 440$

      and washing machine is the tough part.

      but its around 1k with montly installments for 2 year years

      • Look for a Samsung.

        I have the old version of this https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/samsung-75kg-front-load-washe...

        Still going strong, been over 7 years now.

        Don't know what your fridge deals are ($440 sounds great) but for a single person around 300L would be more than ample.

        edit: just saw your fridge update - looks good!

        • now i just need a washing machine from goodguys thats worth the money and reliable, i have 1.2k to spend from the loan but i dont need to spend it and i really am puzzles which washing machine to get

        • Interestingly, I'm looking for a new washing machine now, as my Samsung (8yrs old) just blew up (literally smoke bellowing out of it). Samsung didn't really care and said it's out of warranty, here's some service centres (with ~$200 call out fees just to quote).

          Doing some research, many people have the same issue ("shocks/dampers go weak and non-functional.. ie no resistance … This apparently stressed the "spider" arm and breaks the legs. The spider flange that holds the drum has cracked or broken so the drum is now crooked. This causes the edge or the drum to rub on the door boot and then the rubber gets hot and melty and starts smoking"), apparently costing a couple of hundred ($USD) + labour.

          Not sure if other brands have the same issue, or they've resolved this problem in later models, but I'm now hesitate to get another Samsung.

  • The Samsung I posted would be great for you. As others have said for this price stay away from the euro brands.