Anyone Bought Soda Cans from USA Amazon?

Hi guys,

Anyone bought cans of soda like Cherry coke zero from Amazon usa before?

Ive often gone into USA importers in Aus like usafoods or lolly shops to buy imported cans but most of the time they are much out of date and taste off.

Ive noticed a few sellers on usa amazon (theres none on the aussie site) will ship to australia and around the same price as the Aussie lolly shops.

Are you allowed to buy food/drinks from overseas and have them shipped here?


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  • I've imported some drinks and noodles from Japan with no issues and have had family send over food from the US.

  • Why bother with Amazon USA?

    Plenty of Woolworths branches sell UK-imported Cherry Coke with actual sugar instead of that HFCS BS, and it usually goes quite cheaply when it's on sale.

    Otherwise most IGAs will usually stock US-imported Cherry Coke, Dr. Pepper and other Cola brands in packs of 12 cans for a pretty good price.

    Are you allowed to buy food/drinks from overseas and have them shipped here?

    Processed/long-life foods of any kind are fine to import and won't raise issues with customs/quarantine.

    • You can get cane sugar coke in America, they import it from Mexico.

      • You can but unlike in Australia where the default option is sugar-cane sweetened soft drink, in America it's more a niche, boutique product that you have to find at specialty stores or order online.

        Most of the soda brands in America use HFCS because it literally costs nothing and America's agricultural industry produces it by the galactic boatload to use in virtually every confectionery/soft drink product as a sugar substitute.

        • Sugar is taxed more highly that corn (sugar is normally imported, corn is domestically produced). Shockingly, food producers have responded to this incentive by using less sugar.

          • @ilikeradiohead: Who cares what the reasons are, it's all political semantics; HFCS is garbage that somehow manages to be worse for human health than refined sugar. Leave it to American agribusiness to make a food additive even worse than one that's already quite unhealthy and given no one drinks this stuff for health reasons anyway, HFCS also tastes worse than sugar-cane derived sugar when used in soft drinks as well, giving them an even more noticeably sickly-sweet, artificial taste (which is why Mexican-imported Coca Cola is so prized in the US and regarded as having the "original Coke" taste compared to their domestically-produced Coke).

    • diabetic. Only after sugar free

  • Are you allowed to buy food/drinks from overseas and have them shipped here?


  • I think importing fine is fine as long as it is a sealed commercial product with no forbidden ingredients.

  • Only issue with Amazon is they usually require you to buy 3 cartons minimum.

  • yeah not after sugar coke guys. Sugar free