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4 Pines Freshy Extra Refreshing Ale Bottles 330ml $12/$13 Per 6-Pack @ Dan Murphy's (Membership Required)


I was in the mood for a refreshing beer tonight so I visited Dan's place to find that he's giving his very best friends the chance to purchase this tasty brew from 4 Pines at an attractive price for a 6-pack.

Available in-store or online, and may even be eligible for cashback (I don't know as I, shamefully, am not a member of any cashback programs…does that mean I have to hand in my OzB licence?). For extra %% off, visit your favourite rewards program and buy discounted giftcards before purchasing.

Membership to My Dan's is free and can be done online or in-store.

Other good deals on beer:

Balter Captain Sensible Cans 375mL $26 for 2 x 4-packs - a cracking mid-strength ale, a great session beer.
Oettinger Pils Bottles 330mL $12/6-pack - an OK German beer that's kind of like the Tooheys/Fosters/Carlton of Pilsner.
Two Suns Premium Dry Lager 330mL $10/6-pack - a poor attempt by Asahi (IMHO) at making a dry lager, only good as a 'lawnmower beer' or for taking to a BBQ.
Sapporo Premium Beer 355mL $14/6-pack - sadly overshadowed by Asahi and Kirin, but an excellent expression of Japanese beer at its best.

(Note: Prices are $1 dollar higher in states where the Container Deposit Scheme is running)

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