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[PS4] Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition $5.99 (was $39.95)/Devil May Cry HD Collection $19.97 (was $39.95) - PlayStation Store


Great prices for these two games - if you don't have Sleeping Dogs yet, this is definitely a must buy/play.

Devil May Cry HD Collection (3 games): https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP0102-CUSA09263...


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  • Forget GTA, this game needs a sequel!

  • I played Sleeping dogs when it's original version came out, and again the definitive edition on the newer consoles. It's typically presented as a GTA ish game, and it is. While it was a fantastic game for the time, I feel it has not aged well. If you have other open worlds to play (Yakuza, GTA 5, etc) I would recommend playing those.

    This game does take alot of time, but does not feel as satisfying to play as other modern open world games. But it maybe worth looking at if you have the 6 dollars to spare.

  • A Man Who Never Eats Pork Buns, Is Never A Whole Man!

  • Only chance I could ever date Emma Stone.

  • It's a good game

  • Sleeping Dogs is amazing.

    • Definitive edition is even more worthwhile with the DLCs. I'm gonna finish the Halloween-themed one sooner or later.

  • I rate Sleeping Dogs so highly. One of the only games I have ever 100%’d. Recommend you pick it up if you don’t already own it.