Studio Ghibli's The Red Turtle Free @ SBS on Demand


Gorgeously animated, this wordless story by Studio Ghibli about a stranded castaway pays tribute to what's most important in life: companionship, love, family, and the stewardship of nature. A hidden gem from SBS on Demand.
Storyline: A massive sea turtle destroys a stranded man's raft every time he tries to sail away from a tropical island.

93% rating from Rotten Tomatoes.
Studio Ghibli's other famous animations includes: Spirited Away, My Neighbour's Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, Grave of the Fireflies, Ponyo, etc……

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  • It's not really a Ghibli film.

    • Because its a co-production with Wild Bunch studio?

      • Their production was mostly funding.

        They did none of the animation.

        Not taking away from this really good story but it's credit should go to the writers and animators and not whose name they wanted associated with it to draw attention.

        • Yes it was written & directed by a Dutch animator, Michaël Dudok de Wit. But being produced by Studio Ghiblis it gets the attention it deserves.
          But less about that, let’s enjoy a good movie :)

      • and the bunch have produced a lot of fringe projects

    • +2 votes

      A nice movie but just a not for anyone feeling a bit isolated or maybe living alone in these covid times .. this is a story about a guy stranded alone on a desert island ala quarantined hahaha

  • +27 votes

    SBS on Demand is an amazing service, personally I think it's on a complete other level to iView. Perfectly happy to suffer through a few ads for great content, but I wonder if they've considered charging a fee for an ad free version. I'd pay.

    Will make a point of watching this one, thanks OP.

    • +2 votes

      I believe we already pay taxes to fund sbs

      • Taxes only partly fund SBS. They also rely on some commercial advertising to operate.

        • I think it was about 80% of SBS is funded by taxes, the remainder is from advertising.

        • they now rely on that advertising revenue to maintain their services after the cuts

      • +2 votes

        My point really is that ads corrupt the motivations of the organisations providing them so that instead of trying to deliver shows people want to watch they start optimising for delivering ads revenue .. ads also interrupt the experience and deliver malware.

        The history of cable TV is a clear warning that ads are akin to an infection that must be removed or it gets worse!

        • That's why their budget was cut and that why they now show predominantly english and american films now on world movies - because of the forced reliance on advertising.

          Effectively the channel is now self censored and the world consists of 5 eyes.

          Australia ceased being multicultural a while back and we have an evangelist of dubious morality leading a secular country

    • Unless you have kids. Abc Kids is where its at.

    • If it was in HD it'd be even more amazing..

      • just do a google search, I found a 1080p bluray version online very easily

        • Thanks mate but I already know how to download/stream movies. Would still prefer SBS and ABC on demand services to be HD, as we watch them a lot and HD steaming has been around for a while now.

    • @mitty
      I'd pay to watch SBS ad-free … SBS was my last bastion to avoid sports betting ads…. Now they come up every time I watch SBS On Demand… nothing is sacred anymore :(


  • Upped for promoting SBS On Demand. The film itself is overrated in my opinion, and really not a Ghibli film despite the co-production tag.

    So much great free content on this service though.

  • it's been free for a looooong time now.
    as well as a lot of other things.
    but have an upvote for promoting SBS service. it's great and costs nothing.

  • Thank you! Half way through. It's great!

  • Saw it a couple of months ago, very watchable, 4 and a half stars.

  • SBS has a better collection than any other online services out there

  • Didn't like it tbh. I suppose I didn't hate it either. Slow is ok but it's excruciating when it's simultaneously predictable

  • Does this have subtitle or dubbed???? (Sarcasm intended)

  • One of the worst studio ghibili film, if not the worst.

  • lovely peaceful film cept it makes me sad about the nearly dead reef….but hey coal is king! . All hail the King!

  • Not really a SG film

  • Is this a kids movie? It sounds like the stuff nightmares are made of; "A massive sea turtle destroys a stranded man's raft every time he tries to sail away from a tropical island."

    • No, but with one click on the link you would see it is PG. You thought Studio Ghibli was for kids? See "Grave of the Fireflies".

      • Grave of the fireflies is sad AF, but so is My Neighbour Totoro if you read up about its theory behind it. It's dark!

        • Conspiracy theory?

          “Everyone, do not worry,” read the Studio Ghibli statement. “There’s absolutely no truth or configuration that Totoro is the God of Death or that Mei is dead in My Neighbor Totoro.”

  • Thanks OP. Look forward to checking this one out.

  • Some good current content on SBS on demand (IMHO - I love good dramas);

    TV series:
    * Mirage (some subtitles, quite good)
    * Cardinal (dark, a little slow but great characters and plot)
    * Fargo
    * Dublin Murders
    * The Bridge
    * X-Files
    * Wayward Pines (psychological , only half way through but good so far)
    * The Handmaid’s Tale (distopian)
    * Luther (quite dark and gritty but excellent detective series)
    * Temple
    * Modus

    * The Monkey King (animation)

  • Movies (cont)
    * Marathon Man
    * Their Finest (the girls will like this)
    * The Ring (mild horror)
    * Imperium (CIA vs White Supremacists)
    * The Fifth Element
    * Cloverfield (Aliens, sci-fi, mild horror - part of a loose three part series)
    * Gattaca
    * The Italian Job
    * Get The Gringo (Dark Comedy, action)
    * Arctic
    *The Railway Man

    • You missed Red Cliff P1&2, directed by John Woo, about one of the most epic battle during Three Kingdoms period between Cao Cao & Zhuge Liang.

      • Had limited time, just wanted to point out some of the great stuff available. Much more good content comes and goes - I really enjoyed Counterpart but it's expired.

        • Yeah just added to your list something worth watching and personally I think it deserves a post on its own.