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Collect 1 Free Cocobella Coconut Yoghurt 150g @ Coles (flybuys Members)


This is a targeted freebie from Coles. Check your emails to see if you have it.

Cocobella Coconut Yoghurt is dairy-free and gluten-free with live cultured probiotics. A perfect vegan friendly snack that’s thick and creamy. Simply activate, scan & enjoy!

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    Got a free one a few months back…

    Not too bad, but they are not a yoghurt.

    • Yes, it's pretty easy to distinguish dairy-free yoghurt but I still find it enjoyable.

      • +1

        dairy-free yoghurt

        yoghurt, like cheese, is made with milk.

        • Sure, I'm just quoting the product. A lot of vegan alternatives are marketed like this.

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            A lot of vegan alternatives are marketed like this.

            I don't understand why vegans want to pretend they are eating milk products.

            Why don't they just call it "fermented coconut water."

            • @jv: I think you do understand

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    Got Targeted for these two instead:

    Collect 1 Free Jalna Farm to Pot Strawberry or Vanilla 170g Yoghurt @ Coles (flybuys Members)

    Collect 1 Free The Culture Co 150g Probiotic Kefir Range via flybuys @ Coles

    • I got the Jalna one in mine…

      Made with real milk.

  • Thanks for this, made me check my emails and I got a free Ti Ora Tea pack instead.

    • No worries, that was posted a few minutes before me.

    • +1

      made me check my emails

      much easier to check via the app.

  • Does anyone else find it hard to accumulate flybuy points? Also, I've never been targeted for any of the collect for frees from them… :'(

    P.S. I bought this product previously, both my partner and I really enjoyed it. It's got a subtle coconut flavour and we like to use it as a topping for our pancakes! :)

    • It has been ok as its picked up more recently with available offers but it depends what bonus points (seems random) they assign you for minimum spend or multiple spend across a few weeks, that can help with your points. Otherwise hopefully you can see some offers for bonus point with specific product purchases :).

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