Rough Cheapest Historical Deals on QHD 144hz 27"+

Hi All

Did a search for historical deals on the above .. seems like:
- Kogan was the cheapest @ $360ish
- From memory there was a Samsung around $370ish & Viewsonic around $400
- Then recently with a Phillips at about $420ish.

Just wanted to get a rough estimate of how low these will go for and how long do I want before splashing out :P (Already have 3 1080ps but they are all different brands so starting to annoy me cuz I can't get them on a monitor stand)

Intention is for sim racing on a triple monitor setup.



  • The prices will vary wildly depending on the quality of the panel. The cheapest stuff will be TN panels, the more expensive ones will be IPS with some sort of VFR technology, the most expensive of which is G-Sync.

  • Sorry .. should clarify .. i'm happy with TN and I don't really see the benefit of G-Sync.

    For me its more about the clarity of the movement rather than the picture. (IE: If I am driving past a tree @ 300kph .. I don't really need to know it was a gum tree .. I just need to know it was a tree)

  • be careful with TH panels they have some faults like brightness faults