Artificial Grass Installation - Slope Towards The House

I am looking to remove my existing lawn and install artificial grass.. most of the quotes i have been given had excavation costs of $1500 to $2000.. One of the landscaper today suggested that he could just clean up the area however the slope would be towards the house instead of it being away from house.

The length is approx 16meteres out of which 8 mts is concrete and other 8 mts is boundary of our bedroom.. is this ok or would damage the house in long run ? He also mentioned all turf would have pores and not much water will slide towards the house

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


  • i would suggest not having water running towards the house if you dont want longer term damage

  • If you're sloping or even flat near the house, run a drain around the house.

  • We had artificial turf for a while - and then we removed it. It got really hot in summer and reflected heat. When it rained it was slippery, and when it really rained the water pooled. It would certainly run off towards your building if it slopes that way. If you have pets, it needs to be regualrly washed with hot soapy water to remove urine build up.

    I know your question did not ask about the advantages and disadvantages of artificial turf and I don't know your circumstances, but I would strongly encourage you to reconsider.