Where Do You Advertise Your Property for Rent? What Is The Best Way to Advertise on Domain and Realestate as a Private Landlord

Hi I normally advertise on gumtree and facebook, but its harder to get good tenants these ways at the moment. I am looking at advertise on domain.com.au and realestate.com.au. but domain two weeks cost $254.1.

How would you advertise your property for rent? what is the best and most economic ways to advertise on domain and realestate.com.au? Do you think domain and realestae.com.au give better results than gumtree and facebook both in terms of speed and quality of the tenants.

I found a rentbetter.com.au that can advertise on domain and realestate.com.au for $199 till rented. Is this a genuine website? I tried a few times of $50 to advertise on domain and I think they are scams as I could not find my ads on domain.

The property is an apartment in middle ring of Melbourne Metro, not a big apartment block.

Thanks for reading

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  • Are you renting out an apartment? house? what are you looking for in a tenant? Do you need it rented out fast, or are you happy to wait for the right price?

    If it's a family sized home and you're looking for long term tenants, I'd say go with a real estate agent.

    If it's an apartment in a location where apartments are ubiquitous, tenants might be more driven by price, and would take the time to look around. You probably don't need to advertise on both domain.com and realestate.com. I like realestate.com, i think it's got a better app for searching, so probably go with that.

    I guess you're ruling out flatmates.com and the like.?

    • Domain has a great feature for looking at all apartments in a building, that realestate doesn't do nearly as well. If it's a ubiquitous apartment and you're competing on price then I'd still put it up there, as a lot of people will find a building they like first and then find apartments in it that matches size/price requirements. Wouldn't bother with domain for a house though.

      • Thanks Jolakot thats an interesting tips. My apartment is no a ubiquitous apartment. Its in the middle ring of Melbourne metro

    • I was also going to add, I've never heard of rentbetter/.com, but it seems they manage the leasing process for you and advertise on realestate.com and domain.com. (ie they are like an online real estate agent).

      both realestate and domain have profiles for rentbetter, so you can take a look

      • Thanks Terlalu yes I had a look of their domain profiles, so it looks genuine I am looking of going with it

    • Thanks for your advice. Its a two bedroom apartment in Melbourne Metro area. Tenants I am after are someone who is able to pay rent and who is look after property. I want to rent it out asap but I do not have financial pressure to rent it out immediately.
      I am looking for long term tenants. I was a fully qualified real estate agent myself and had my real estate business for over ten years, but I no longer in real estate business.
      Have you tried rentbetter.com.au? they can advertise on both domain and realestae.com.au at a cheaper rates.
      I looked flatmates.com long time ago I will have a look at it again but I thought its only for shared accommodation

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    Australian properties are so absurdly expensive that even listing them for rent is absurdly expensive.

    • yes i agree but …..

  • I'm using rent.com.au which gives you free 8 weeks advertisement. Just cancel it after.

    • Thanks for remind me and I have an account with them, I advertised on them before and i found replies are much less than gumtree and facebook, so I have not use it for a long time. Do you get good result form rent.com.au? they do not advertise for you on any other website?

      • I haven't got any response as yet. Just posted an ad for it.

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    real estate agent is your best bet.


    1.) They can maximize your rental
    2.) Collect money on your behalf - very important
    3.) Filter potential bad tenant(s)

    • Thanks for the advice, its just I was a fully qualified real estate agent and had my own agent business previously.

  • As a tenant, here's what I prefer when viewing rental properties online.

    1) Include the floor plan (this gives us a much better idea of what the house is like)
    2) Include at least one photo of every room (I once viewed a property in person because all the photos were perfect, but they didn't include a photo of the bathroom, which was so bad we didn't even think of applying for the place)

    As for websites I usually check, realestate.com.au and domain.com.au. These sites are fairly easy to use and provide a very large range of properties to look at which is why I like them.

    • thanks for the feedback that is really great. I did have people request for a floor plan. Do you know where to get floor plan done?

      • If you built the house, you should have the floor plan from the builder.

        if you bought the house, you should have the floor plan from the previous ad (realestate, domain..etc)

  • google these for self management:

    then put your listing on facebook marketplaces, local groups, flatmates.
    Skip gumtree these days.

    • thanks will do

  • I think the only credible options these days as a person who might look to rent is using realestate.com.au and domain.com.au. Then maybe flatmates if i wanna find a flatmate, but all the other places just seem iffy

  • I'm not criticising or anything… but I find it really interesting that you were once a fully qualified real estate agent with your own real estate business for over ten years and you're here askng some quite basic renting questions like where to advertise, costs to advertise, and even where to get a floor plan done.

    I mean, were you "asleep at the wheel" for 10 years? :p

    • +1

      I had my business for 10 year but it was not in the last 10 years. When I had my business I would rang, fax or even walked in to The Age office in Spencer St, Melbourne to place my ads on the proper newspaper. I have been advertise on gumtree and facebook over the years and sometimes on domain website, but i thought its a good time to refresh my acknowledge in this new age.

      I rang my architect and he offered to draw a floor plan by hand, after much inquire he admitted he cannot do it on computer. If his clients really want a computer output he has to get someone else to do it, so I thought I might ask it here as well.

      Hope these answers your queries.

      • It does make more sense and I now understand. Sounds like it was waaay before the the internet really took off. 😂

        • Yes we are still live and even working😊

  • It's probably a bit late to reply, but just in case anyone else has the same question.

    Yes, rentbetter.com.au is a legit site and better than propertynow in my opinion. I manage a couple of private rentals for myself and my parents. I have tried a few similar sites, but stick to rentalbetter for now because they gave me a discount and instead of $199, I am only paying $59 to advertise on domain and realestate. Maybe you can ask them before putting your advertisement there, no guaranty that you will get the discount but it would not hurt to ask.

    As for propertynow, I put an advertisement there for a property. It's there for whole Nov & Dec last year. December is not a good month to rent out a property for long term rental. Then I took it off in Jan this year because it's rented out in airbnb. The property was almost fully occupied during Jan and Feb by short term guests on airbnb.

    Then in March, the last group of airbnb guests had moved out and with the blown out of COVID-19, I have decided to put the property back on long term rental. This time, I paid another listing fee on propertynow, but the asking rental has been slashed by $50 a week. As a result, we have found tenants pretty much straight away.

    Today, when I browsed the internet, this property was shown as listed for more than 150 days?? I have paid listing fee twice, and the property was occupied by airbnb guests between end of Dec to Beginning of March. Not is this any importance, but it's just my experience.

    No, I am not associated with RentBetter, so old buddy Jeremy, if you ever read this, you owe me!

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