Possible Hit and Run Rear End Accident?

Hi Guys,

I was driving on Princess Highway today near Tempe when the lights changed to amber/yellow I braked pretty hard (not hard enough to squeal the tires/lock up the brakes), however the pickup truck behind me had to squeal their brakes to stop, unfortunately the pickup got rear ended.

The truck behind me did not make contact with my car at all, I've checked my dashcam. I drove off once the lights turned green without getting out the car.

Am I liable hit and run since I contributed to the accident by braking hard for the amber and leaving the scene once the lights turned green without exchanging details, I felt like I did not need to exchange details and get out of the car.

I am a bit worried that guy will report me for hit and run and cops come knocking.

Yeah, a stupid question, apologies for that guys? Please serious answers.


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    All liability is with the vehicle that rear ended the truck as they didn't leave enough space to stop.

    A pickup/ute doesn't stop fast so they really have no excuse.

  • Nah, you're fine.

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    You did the right thing. Anyone trialling should keep enough distance to stop safely..

  • Police won't come knockin'
    Bikies might

  • pickup truck

    The road rules in Australia is different to those in the USA. The vehicle driving behind is always at fault.

  • You were not in an accident.

    You didn't "hit" so you can't have "hit and run".

  • This could be a really good lesson to make sure that before you decide to stop you check your mirrors to see if it is safe to do so. It could have easily have been you that got rear-ended. He was obviously too close to you and it's his fault, but it could save you a lot of hassle in the future from not being rear-ended.

  • If there was people injured (obviously) then probably would have been best to assist, but a simple rear end bump you'd be fine to drive away pretending you saw nothing.

  • Amber is not an extension of the green and if you can safely stop you're supposed to.

  • Depends how far the light was because braking hard is irresponsible.

    if you're that close to the lights it is sometimes better to continue through in order to keep the traffic following and to not cause an accident.

    You may not be legally liable but I think you ultimately caused the accident.

    It comes down to using your judgment and if it is safer to continue through rather than cause this kind of situation.

  • I think there's a non critical report you can make. This lessens the chance other parties can make false claims. When I did my last claim, the rep said that sometimes people claim for things that weren't in the accident.