How Do We Know The Parts of a Dell or Lenovo PC Is Using


I am considering buying a dell or lenovo desktop PC, and wondering is there anyway I can know what parts are they using. e. g. motherboard, Psu, etc.


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  • for what reason ?

    to answer your question , call them or search for stripping reviews

    • just want to know if they used standardised parts. so it will be easier to upgrade

      • CPU, RAM, GPU, SSD, these are all standardized parts easily replaced by the user

        Motherboard is just a 'maybe' and while they usually follow normal ATX standard and you could sometimes just drop in a off-the-shelf board, there might be some unexpected oddities like bespoke IO shields and proprietary power connectors that won't match with what you have in the chassis, which can either mean a slight inconvenience or some additional modding required.

        PSU mounting systems are not standardized. While the PSU you pull out might look like a normal one you can buy at the shops, the way they mount it into the case could be different because they often design it with space-saving measures / specific airflow patterns in mind.

        For people who like to tinker with their hardware, it's just less hassle to buy a whitebox PC. like something from Techfast or Scorptech. Then you don't have to google "how to upgrade xyz on Dell XPS" everytime you need to change something.

  • Usually they use ones made specifically for their systems. Sometimes proprietary as well.

    • if it is specific for their system… it seems hard to upgrade in future other than just put more memory and storage

      • depending on what you buy you can probably replace the CPU, memory, storage and graphics card. Power supply and motherboard… it depends. Just like what another person said.

        Why not just build your own PC if you're keen on upgrading? Its cheaper anyway. Not that hard either.

  • I think Speccy or CPU-Z should show you this info.

  • Unless you manage to find someone who has already has a Dell, you won't be able to find out.

    There OEM parts that most consumers will never see or have access to.

    If what's inside is important, build your own or get a custom.