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KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker KCM4212ASX $44 Delivered @ KitchenAidOfficial eBay


$29 + $15 delivery on eBay, making it $25 cheaper than previous deal

Didn't buy it before but this made me pull the trigger.

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    I have this and love it! Great price

  • Is cold brew coffee any good?

    • Yes, is great. A bit smoother than regular and good on a warm day.

    • It is great! A smoother version of ice long black and to me with a hint of citrus (Depending on the beans and roasting, of course).

  • Already gone

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      Damn.. I see someone bought the last 11 all in one go :(

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        Broden at it again

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        Coming soon at your local Scumtree outlet

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        What an ass

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          I could see the particular broden cleared out all kitchenAid specials in eBay

  • Dam. Missed it

  • Oos

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    They also have the siphon one on their store for $10 more ($39) … tempted but feel like this will just end up in the cupboard.

    Both dont get outstanding reviews:

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      Yeah I don't really get it, can just get a large glass tea pitcher from Kmart for $12

      I use something similar but also use paper filters and a filter holder thingy

    • The Siphon Brewer is OOS as well

    • "Both dont get outstanding reviews:"

      That review just shows that they don't like cold brew. The cold brew item is just a glass jar with a filter in the middle and a tap.

      • The pretense of the review was also that it is a $200 product, something which isn't the case when purchasing it here.

  • Do you need the kitchenaide

  • missed

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    Seems like it would take alot of room and more to clean. Then just a simple glass jar or pitcher would do.

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      Yeah I have been making mine in glass jars. I used to do them in water bottles too (lol). Tastes fine, just have to strain it after immersion.

      • a french press works great too! dont push down till after the 24 hours in fridge then it strains when u push down

    • I have been wondering this. A jar and a filter are a hell of a lot cheaper than a dedicated device. I guess people need to buy stuff…

    • Yeh this is how I make cold-brew. You don't need anything else - all it needs to is soak then filter it out to drink. Whatever you have on hand will work - muslin cloth, aeropress, paper filters from percolator etc.

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    Damn it. Got busy at work and didn't check for 30 minutes. Note to self, don't work too hard.

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      That'll learn you.

  • I was looking at it on their site yesterday for $29 and thought too expensive ( reviews rubbish it )
    Sold out there too :)

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    I've tried many different options for making cold brew. Including rigging up my own system using a 5 litre jar with cloth bags for the grounds (worked will, but was messy/not quick).
    I have reverted to using my fresh press (12 cup) putting in 3-4 heaps spoons of ground and putting in WARM tap water and brewing for around 6 hours on the bench at night, starting while cooking dinner.
    Just before bed, I filter and pour into a couple 375ml glass Voss bottles to take to work.

    I've found brewing in the fridge is no good, the cold temps don't like it. But leaving for extended periods on the bench in warm/humid QLD weather kind of puts me off. So the 'warm brew' option is my go to now. The warm (not hot/boiling) appears to help with the extraction, but doesn't burn the oils from the coffee, like what happens when using hot/boiling water. You can clearly see the oils floating on top of the coffee once brewed, put in a dash of milk and some ice cubes and it is perfect. I drink one of the 375ml bottles on the drive to work and one after lunch.

    Using devices like this just seem to be more hassle/mess/space consuming than it needs to be.

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      I have tried a lot of different ways too and have found sous video cold brew to be the best. It's quicker than other methods and precise enough that a lot of the flavour comes out, but not the acidity.

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        Haven't heard of that one, intrigued.

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      "Using devices like this just seem to be more hassle/mess/space consuming than it needs to be."

      How is a glass bowl with a filter in the middle (this device) more hassle than a french press?

      Also french press costs* just as much as this (when this is on sale). *Price depends on where you buy it etc but some french presses go to $40 or more.

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        Yea, French press is definitely easier to clean than this, as it has the tap and pipe etc. And takes up a lot more room in the fridge than just storing be in some glass bottles.

        I paid $50 for my Bodum 12 cup French press around 4 or 5 years ago, still working perfectly even after using it a couple times a day during the week doing both hot and could brew.

        I'm sure this works well, I just find using a French press a lot more convenient and quicker to clean up.

      • French press is easy, but too gritty

    • Haven't heard of burning oils. I know cold brew doesn't extract the full flavour profile you get with traditional brewing.

      I use a hot bloom for my cold brew, compensates a little.

      Maybe your method is a good compromise.

  • GUYS!!!!

    Its back in Stock!!!

    Wakey Wakey… Hands off Snakey!!!

  • Got one OP, more in stock now if anyone missed out

  • oh yeah, thanks OP, got one for me and one for under the xmas tree…. someone just got caffinated @ Xmas!!!!

  • …and it's OoS once more.

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    just use french press you morons

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    This was on the kitchenaid website for $29 too with free shipping.

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