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Kinetic Sand Rainbow Mix Set $8 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Big W


Was over $18 previously

Amazon link - limited stock however UPDATE: Out of stock but you can still order at this price for dispatch in 1 to 2 months OUT OF STOCK

you need at least 10 words baby shark do do do doo doo

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  • LOL At the description 😂

  • Rainbow? It is all going to be brown by tomorrow, surely?

    Kinetic Sand is made from natural sand and is wheat, gluten and casein free, making it safe for play.

    OH FFS!!! gluten-free sand now? has the fad officially peaked?

    Colours and nutritional claims aside, kinetic sand is lots of fun.

    • Well you realise kids put things in their mouth, and there are plenty of kids with allergies, it's got nothing to do with fad. Granted quite a lot of people have gluten allergies, it's not unless you are a coeliac do you have to worry about it. Casein allergy is also a thing in kids, and conditions such as eosinophilic oesophagitis means kids have to avoid trigger foods. Just because it doesn't apply to you doesn't mean other parents don't have to worry about it.

      • a lot of people have gluten allergies

        No they do not. Real actual coeliac is uncommon, and not an allergy, not even close. Putting a bit in your mouth would do nothing. It takes prolonged eating of a lot of bread etc to do anything. This product is sand.

        kids have to avoid trigger foods

        Again, this is sand, not a food. Which toys do you think contain milk?

        • Real actual coeliac is uncommon, and not an allergy, not even close


          You should stop stating crap you have no idea about, you are stating an autoimmune reaction is not an allergy?

          You are saying 1% of people suffering from Coeliac as uncommon? You realise there are varying degrees of allergy. I myself have gluten sensitivity however, it does require me to have quite a lot of it before getting abdominal discomfort.

          This product is sand.

          When has sand stopped kids from putting stuff in their mouth? Have you got a toddler? I have a 13 month old and a 4 year old, they both still shove things in their mouth, especially something as colourful as kinetic sand.

          Which toys do you think contain milk

          Just because it is a toy doesn't mean it doesn't look like food. Have you seen fairy floss and the bright colours? A child can easily confuse and associate bright colours with candy/food.


          Casein can be used in glue and have other industrial uses. Again it can trigger allergies which will make life hell for parents for kids who are hyperallergenic .

        • https://www.mja.com.au/journal/2020/212/3/incidence-and-prev...

          Here is another article, approx 10% of people have non coeliac wheat sensitivity.

          Yep 1 in 10… Must be a rare condition…


          Here you go more evidence for you.

          • @azukay: rare != uncommon

            sensitivity (even if not imaginary) != allergy

            You should start by learning what the word allergy means if you want to argue with my comment.

            • @manic: Tell me what part of the body system is involved food sensitivity.

              In the medical world uncommon is same as rare. Do you work in the medical industry as I do?

              You are literally someone that makes up arguments without any valid statistics or research to back your argument up.

              • @azukay: Sorry, did not know I was talking to an orderly.
                This is getting a bit far from the topic of the current health fad. You have people who do not even claim to have a disease, buying gluten-free because they think it is healthier.

            • @manic: In the case of proteins like casein and gluten the process of food sensitivity always involve some immune mediated reaction. This is completely different to lack of enzymes such as lactose intolerance.

              • @azukay: This started from warnings on a kids toy sand. What do you think is the worst case if it did have wheat?
                Do you believe it can trigger a life-threatening reaction?
                Again, this is not food. We do not put warnings on all toys that eating them may cause digestive discomfort. Do we?

                • @manic: The point is it doesn't have to trigger a life threatening reaction. I can gather you have never had kids or dealt with ill kids. Chronically ill kids or kids with severe allergies only need trace amounts of allergens to set them off.

                  • @azukay: trace amounts of gluten!?

                    • @manic: Yes, it can cause vomiting, diarrhoea.

                      • @azukay: So eating a toy can possibly cause discomfort in a small portion of the population.
                        And this justifies proudly proclaiming the lack of it ?

                        What next? "barbie dolls, now arsenic free!". You'd agreed arsenic is harmful, right? So no surprise if the lack of it is used in advertising?
                        Somebody think of the children!

                        • @manic: You still don't get it do you.

                          Food allergies are serious in kids. Why do you think daycares, schools etc do not allow foods that can cause anaphylaxis. Granted gluten and casein usually won't cause anaphylaxis, as parents we do not want to deal with kids who are sick or ill.

                          Small portion of the population or not how does it hurt you as a consumer if it has a label that says doesn't contain allergens?

                          Take play doh for example, it contains gluten, how many parents know that it does? What if a kid has allergy to gluten and decides to eat it. Then spends the next few hours curled up in pain because they are having a stomach cramp.

                          • @azukay: You try eating playdough. … I'll wait … Now you see why this is an imaginary scenario? Just like all the imaginary non-hospital-diagnosed gluten sensitivity that is suddenly plaguing society?

                            • @manic: Are you ignorant or just plain thick? I am talking about kids, do you have any idea the stuff kids eat?

                              Here is a random reddit:


                              If kids are going to eat the most random things what makes you think they won't eat play doh.

                              Gluten sensitivity in the population has been researched, so where is your proof or even research stating gluten sensitivity is just imaginary?

                              You are just full of it, without any research backing you up.

                              I will bet you haven't got any kids or you wouldn't be so ignorant.

                              • @azukay: See I have kids, and so I know how to make playdough. You put a shit-load of salt in it so they don't eat it. Any involved parent knows this.

                                • @manic: If you are a parent then you will know salt doesnt stop them from swallowing it, kids love salt. There is a reason why companies who make kids stuff don't put salt to deter kids. Swallow risk items such as switch cartridges use a bittering agent.

                                  If your kids ingest salt laden home made play dough you just gave your kids a risk of renal damage.

                                  • @azukay: Ah well, it seems to work. Am a bit lost how this connects to the gluten-free fad.

                                    There is a piece in the ABC today on a little girl dying from swallowing a button cell. Maybe the Kinetic Sand people should prominently advertise that the sand has no batteries, so safe for kids! I'll say that's dumb, and you can argue how batteries are dangerous. Shall we just consider it done?

                                    • @manic: This is a kids toy got nothing to do with gluten free fad. If you are an adult screaming gluten free food makes you feel 1000% better then I call you bullshit unless you have an allergy.

                                      However, in kids it's different, you cannot accurately diagnose food allergies until they are at least 2 years old. And if they have any allergy then you will want to avoid giving them toys/play items that contain it. Kids are unpredictable, their brain isn't developed, they don't know right from wrong, food from non food.

                                      I have gluten sensitivity but I still eat gluten, just not in huge amounts or I will pay for it in toilet runs.

                                    • @manic:

                                      you can argue how batteries are dangerous

                                      they are dangerous, that's why kids toys have age recommendations on them to avoid legal traps. Small parts are choking hazards and it is up to the parents to determine whether something is suitable or not. However, I have given my kids legos and small toys but supervision is required.

                                      Kinetic Sand people should prominently advertise that the sand has no batteries

                                      Now you are just being facetious, as I said kinetic sand actually looks like powdered candy or sugar. My kids have eaten pop rocks and kinetic sand can look like them.

                • @manic: @manic I have a child who will have a life threatening anaphylaxis reaction if he touches anything with dairy, e.g. casein. He does not need to consume it to swell up.

                  I appreciated that this advertises it is dairy free. With certain toys such as Play-Doh, sand, putty, etc where food ingredients may be found it becomes a stressful time for us as we can't let him touch it until we have confirmed with the manufacturer. Gluten and dairy are both in the top 10 most common food allergies.

                  I have no comment about the "fads" as this is a life threatening issue I deal with everyday.

  • How does this compare to the rip-off kinetic sand that Kmart sells?

  • Do the colours stay seperated

  • Covid activity: play with em, build fun things, mix them all up, then sit there and separate all the colours back grain by grain

  • mix up and then send back because the colours are mixed