Where Can I Buy The Cheapest Apple Pencil Gen 1 Currently?

I am looking for a cheap Apple Pencil gen 1. My budget is $80 and I want a brand new one if possible. $60-$70 is my budget for a good condition second hand that comes with the box, spare tips, lightning adapter etc. I am aware fo the apple education store price of $129 and the $122 OW price beat but that's out of my budget. Ive been keeping my even out on ebay and gumtree recently but not much in my budget.
Where can I find cheap Apple Pencil gen 1?


  • Hi Jayboi,
    I have been in a similar boat the last few months.
    I came across this person on Ebay and bought one off them in the end.
    They do bids for the products but for the one I found it had a "make an offer" so I offered 80 and got it, plus 8.80 postage.
    Anyway long story short:
    - They are listed as within Australia.
    - A bit new but 100% feedback.
    - I checked with them if it was brand new in a box and they said yes.
    Anyway if you're interested i can let you know once it arrives to confirm it for you?
    Here is a link, they only seem to have 1 listing at the moment, but may have more come up?
    All the best.

    • As a matter of fact I offered that guy $70 for it and they declined

      • Ah I see… well its embarrassing on my part… I blame it on looking at it very late at night… I think I thought it said 90 and so I offered 80… only to realise it was listed for 70… anyway not my finest bargaining move but if it is brand new, still much cheaper than the stores… unless you may get a great deal on black Friday.
        I tried to contact a couple of Gumtree people and they didn't even bother getting back to me.

        • Yeah same, I ask people on gumtree if they can post and they just don't reply which is annoying. I saw someone on gumtree put a price error of $30 for a brand new Apple Pencil, so I offer them $50 with postage and they just leave me on read and change the price to $115

          • @jayboi: Very annoying. Especially when someone is actually trying to buy the thing you are selling…dont get it.
            Anyway, sorry I can't help more but all the best.

  • For those who bought off ebay how did it turn out?

    • Received mine a couple days ago and is brand new as advertised and works well! I scored a bargain!