Sonos Sale, Does It Happen Often?

Hi all,

Do Sonos products regularly go on sale? If so, what has been the trend

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  • I'm keen on a pair of Sonos One's…. anyone seen a deal for two?

  • I've been keeping my eye on Sonos stuff for a while now.
    The more basic Sonos One's go on sale every now and again, you may also see the occasional "move" for sale as well but that's kinda it.
    Around Black Friday -> Christmas you usually see a sale or two for the other kit.

    If you want to get discounts on the ARC, Sub or others soon than I would say jump onto the reddit sonos stuff and take a look at people selling discount codes for their own website. Every now and again I've read about ppl getting discount codes for 20-30% off the Aus store.

    Otherwise just wait for another month or two and see what pops up.
    If nothing does than Reddit might be your only option.

  • Hey mirror mirror on the wall, Sonos Sale, does it happen often?

    • Thanks for the contribution mate.

      Whilst you don’t have a mirror, some brands have some predictability about discounts.

      If you asked me about Apple; I would say it’s hardly every discounted

      If you asked about YouFoodz, I would say it happens all the time.

      Someone’s past behaviour can be used for future behaviour

  • 15% off Unidays

  • You can often find discontinued (but very capable) Sonos products on sale. In recent weeks, Harvey Norman, JB and Amazon have been selling off various recently superseded gear such as Play:5, Playbase/Playbar, Sub gen 2.

    Other than that, keep an eye out around Black Friday and Boxing Day, though from the sounds of it some Sonos products like Arc are currently in heavy demand so don't expect those to be discounted.