Garmin DriveSmart 51 LMT-S GPS Navigator $109.85 Delivered @ NoFrills eBay


First time poster so go easy on me!

Couldnt believe my eyes, Just brought it and thought it was an awesome deal and was time to give back to other OZ Bargainers.

Garmin DriveSmart 51 LMT-S GPS Navigator @ $109.85 delivered,

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  • Couldnt believe my eyes, Just brought it and thought it was an awesome deal

    What advantage do you see for this over using, say a car play system

  • Does this include free life time map update?

  • i dont really get the purpose of these units anymore. Back in my old car, I spent $10 on a phone mount and used google maps instead. Another $10 for a bluetooth audio adapter.

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      Still superior to a phone gps app, if only because it is plugged in and it's always ready to go. Plus it doesn't use data like google maps, and works in woop woop beyond mobile range. I'm a big fan of Garmin maps, too, because worldwide maps are easy to find, and load on an SD card for use overseas. And let's not forget speed camera alerts - a feature missing on most alternatives.

      • Yes, with having it always connected and on, it is there to warn you about red light cameras, speeding cameras and exceeding the speed limit.
        Saving one ticket will pay for this thing.

    • Different usage, I use google maps for direction - going to places I've never been before (easier to input location), and to give me the best route during busy hours. For day to day driving, having it display the map all the time helps in letting me know where I am, what's ahead, where's the next junction, etc. I only open google maps if I need a driving direction - sometimes I don't even take my phone out of my pocket.

      There's a very useful feature in Garmin GPS that shows your tracks from the past few days, meaning if you're going to the same place (or after going to a place and you want to return) you don't need to re-enter the destination, simply follow the previous tracks.

    • If you live in QLD the advantage is that you can be fined $1000 just for touching your phone while driving. No need to pay $1000 fines with these

    • Phone gets too hot in the window mount and would shut off in 10 mins. Aircon vent mounts are better as the phone doesnt get hot, but those vents are flimsy.

      • Absolutely agree. I once forgot my phone on the car mount in a sunny day and the battery went pop-corned.
        $150 replacement next day

    • P plater cant use phone as GPS at least in Vic and i belive truckie prefer a proper GPS unit over phone

  • Couldnt believe my eyes,

    I also couldn't believe this is cheap unless you can provide the price comparison from competitors

  • Presumably a pricing error - they meant $159.85, similar to their Ryda sister ebay store. All orders will be cancelled. Don't waste your time.

  • I legit get nostalgic seeing a GPS nowadays.

  • Sweet just got one thanks!
    Upgrade from our old Nuvi. Can't put a finger anywhere near the mobile phone these days so $110
    and voice activated awesome!

  • EBay Plus members should be able to use their monthly $5 voucher for this. Discount showed up for me.

  • Ty OP!

  • I remember buying my Garmin 4.5" unit when Dick Smith Stores was still around for $49.. Still going strong.

  • Thanks OP, my old nuvi having problem with touch screen, and very old map, this will be a decent upgrade.

  • I've got the same unit with the Dash Cam built in. Use the GPS on the odd occasion. GPS tags the video which helpful, and since holden wanted $160 to update the maps in my Commode, the up to date Garmin is a bonus…

  • Now even cheaper with PLUSXMS code $93.37!

  • Bought one. Loved my old Garmin Nuvi 2589. This is a great upgrade. Fast delivery too.

    • How is this compared to 2589? What are the improvements?

      • faster start-up time. BT works better. On my trip around Sydney yesterday with all the accidents, the garmin app feeds better traffic update as well

  • Now $87.88 with code PLUSBF20