iPhone 12 Pro - Can You Capture outside The Frame?

Does anyone have the new iPhone 12 pro?

If so, can you please check to see whether you can “capture outside the frame” with the camera. There used to be a setting to enable this for iPhone 11 Pro but it was removed in ios14 :(

I’m hoping this is available on the iPhone 12 pro but can’t find anything about this online.

Thanks in advance

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  • On my 11 Pro: Settings > Camera > Composition > View Outside the Frame.

    What makes you think they've removed it?

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      View outside the frame isn’t capture outside of the frame. They removed capture in iOS 14

  • if you wanted confirmation tweet at Apple Support
    They are actually quite responsive and helpful


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      Thanks - I’ll give it a try - otherwise I’ll head in store and check one out

  • What does it do?

    • Uses multiple lens to take a single photo so you can “crop” outwards after shooting

  • Hey OP, the feature was unfortunately removed in iOS 14 (since the first beta - for all devices), so doesn't look like it'll be coming back soon. :(

    • Thanks. I understand that but there’s a theory that it’ll be available as an iPhone 12 pro only feature as it will require more processing power for capture outside the frame AND deep fusion hence this thread asking if anyone has an iPhone 12 pro to check…

  • I have a 12 Pro, setting isn’t there as far as I can tell.

    • Thanks for checking. I checked on a 12 in store and no setting either

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