Veneta Honeycomb Blinds

Hi looking at honeycomb blinds from Veneta blinds.Which seem too have really good reviews online.
Anyone installed them and feedback on quality/service/ installation? cheers


  • Mmm. Viennetta honeycomb is delicious. I'd recommend installing it straight into my belly.

  • i have 3, seems to keep the heat out while letting the light in. Installation is easy if you can use a ruler and a drill.
    they took about 3 week to arrive but that can be expected with the load on the postal network. Still quicker than Half Price Blinds.

  • I have the double cells to replace both spotlight vertical blinds and roller blinds. West facing windows. In summer, the new one doesn't absorb the direct sunlight heat and reradiate inside the house. In winter, the room cools much slower..