Pre-Order Status for PS5/Series X - Amazon AU

Hi guys,

I saw that my console orders on Amazon Australia had changed, both of my console orders were "delivery date pending" (the same of my COD order).

But last Tuesday my Ps5 order changed to "Order on 17th…" and also today my Series X order changed to "Order on 22th…"

Follow the picture:

Did anyone check it as well?


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  • They probably updated UI, I don’t think it is related to PS5.

    It changed for me as well.

    • Or probably they already have in stock

  • Mine also has changed to "Ordered on 17 Sep. 2020".

    Hogwart Legacy still says "Delivery date pending".

  • My two preorders also changed to say the dates I ordered them.

    Game preorders of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Assassins Creed Valhalla both still say 'Delivery Date Pending'.

    Series X Controller Charger says 'Arriving Fri, Nov 13th'

  • My xbox series X has a delivery date and has had one since I ordered.

    I spoke to them today on the PS5 and they confirmed all orders placed will be dispatched on release date.

  • Did anyone just noticed microsoft just took money on the pre order?

  • Hello,

    This email is to confirm that stock for your #XXXXXX for Xbox Series X Console has been secured.

    As we continue to adhere to guidance from local health authorities, some of our delivery times may be longer than usual and you might not receive your item on the release day.

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