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Trafalgar Australian Made Hand Sanitiser - Carton of 24x 125ml - $88.78 ($3.70 Each) + Free Shipping @ Seton Australia

  • Hospital Grade Hand Sanitiser
  • Kills 99.99% of germs
  • Added moisturisers
  • 70% Ethanol
  • Australian Made

Other bulk packs available:
Carton of 36x 50ml - $75.23 ($2.09 Each)
Carton of 12x 500ml - $62.93 ($5.24 Each)
Carton of 4x 1L - $37.18 ($9.30 Each)

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Seton Australia


  • Offloading over stock?

    I got a 1 litre bottle for $10 the other day.

    I would rather get that and just refill my smaller bottles.

    Planet earth has had enough plastic and non biodegradable waste piling up as a result of this pandemic.

  • No thanks Op, you keep it.

  • Do these have TGA approval? Otherwise I can't order these "hospital grade" for my hospital / clinic….

  • I feel for these local suppliers that have pivoted to produce this stuff, such as the spirit producers like 4 Pillars that did this.

    Only, they way overpriced it and now you can easily get Dettol etc for $2, and they're still trying to flog it for $10 for 100ml etc. For a product like this, it doesn't matter how artisan it is, just that it works.