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GU10 Inteli Smart Bulb 9W Cool & Warm White $11.99 + Delivery @ Inteli Labs


GU10 Adaptor + Inteli smart light
GU10 to E27 adaptor converts the E27 Inteli Smart bulb to GU10 Base type!


10% OFF on sign up.

Flat rate $8.97 delivery Australia wide (no limit)

Control your Inteli smart bulb remotely from anywhere in the world with this innovative and affordable smart bulb.
Light up your room with the perfect level of brightness and hue

Cool and warm white (3000k to 6500k) set timers based on the sunrise and sunset
Timers, schedules, and set your own vibes
Manage via the free Inteliā„¢ app
Compatible voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant
Brightness - 800 lumens (equivalent of 60W incandescent)
25,000 hour lifespan

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  • Hi OP

    Do you have the GU10 bulb or is that the adapter on your website?


      Hi Swisshardy,

      It's an E27 Bulb with the GU10 adaptor.

      • So ugly, might not fit, and produces a different beam angle than the fitting was designed for?

        The title says "G10 bulb".


          Totally your choice manic!

          The cost of producing a smart GU10 bulb is quite significant and this is my best way to gauging market interest.

          Would you genuinely be interested in a GU10 smart bulb?

          • @RyanSch: Yes, that's why i read the post, and then got annoyed to find I'd been duped.
            I don't know what the demand is like for those, but they can be hard to find.

            I already have those adaptors, and e27 bulbs. I'll probably get some Ikea Zigbee GU10 next time I'm there.


              @manic: Thanks for replying and I'm sorry you feel like you've been duped, wasn't my intention.

              Our aim is to add an amazing smart bulb to the Aussie market that has customer focus and genuine quality at its core. We're asking for feedback everywhere we can and so far we have had many purchases and happy customers with the GU10 adaptor.

              Hopefully soon we can offer the GU10 LED without the need for the adaptor.

              Have a great weekend!

  • any coloured ones?


      Not yet unfortunately! Coming soon though. Out of interest - What is your thought on a decent price for RGB + cool and warm white smart bulb?

  • Generic Tuya E27 bulb 10W/900 lumen $10 ea (free click & collect from ubiquitous chain store, with wide availability)
    Can confirm you can flash with Tasmota

    GU10 to E27 adapter (~$2.42 ea if buy a 6-pack, with free shipping)

    Not sure where the bargain is here, especially when you factor in shipping for low order number.

    • Can confirm you can flash with Tasmota

      This is the most important part about buying any device that runs on the Tuya platform (or really any IoT device).

      I don't want my bulbs talking to the cloud directly. They should go on their own isolated IoT WiFi network and should only talk to a local server, which then decides what to do.