Aquaponics - Anyone Give Advice to Start in Backyard?

Looking to have an aquaponics setup in my backyard, have done some research online (youtube, etc.), but would like some opinions and advice from anyone who's entered the world of aquaponics? Negative, positive, neutral - all welcome :)


  • Positive.

    Being in Victoria, you'll get much better results in a greenhouse vs running solar heating. Doing this without heating will not be too successful.

    Fish require warmth to trigger feeding. The more they eat, the faster they grow.

    Second biggest impact is fresh water. If you divert rain water or rain tank overflow to top up the water and simultaneously purge excess sediment, you have it made (creative adaption of a rain water catcher will do).

    • Terrific advice, thanks! At the moment I'm anticipating setting up in the Gippsland region, so it sounds like a greenhouse will be compulsory.

      • Beautiful part of the world.

        Depends where you are in Gippsland, some spots are pretty sheltered and you can get away with a diy greenhouse.

        If you're on a hill, greenhouse for sure but check cyclone rating.

  • i use aquaponics to filter the water for a water feature and the fish i use are just goldfish
    The filtration medium is gravel with leafy greens growing in it (lettuce,spinach)
    Protect your fish from birds buy bulk food for them from ebay
    The whole system takes care of itself all i have to do is top up the water and throw a little food in for the fish if you let the veggies go to seed pull out the old ones sprinkle the seeds and it will re-vegetate its self with new seedlings
    I use half a IBC 1000L to grow in

    • Awesome, cheers.

      Follow-up question - do you filter the water for solid waste so it doesn't build-up in the gravel?

      • The gravel is the filtration for solids and any silt the plants take out excess nutrients from the unconsumed fish food and poo.
        No need for filtration on the pump other than mesh to stop large debris or fish clogging the pump.
        Its just like filtration in nature
        The water feature water is crystal clear

  • Don't try to go fancy to start with and get perch. Someone I know did and they all died. Multiple times, after each time correcting the problem that caused it previously. He then just got a huge number of goldfish and they survived easily even when he forgot to feed them for a few weeks.