The Art of Price Matching

I went into Westfield Shopping Centre in Doncaster this afternoon to get a copy of BF3 on PS3 and did a quick online search to find Harvey Norman was selling it at $78. Wanted to price-match this at EB or JB. Both these retailers knocked me back saying that they would only price match to a store inside the shopping centre (No Harvey Norman in Westfield).

The games guy at JB said that they were doing this "as long as he can remember" which is utter rubbish because I had price matched a g510 keyboard at JB to just a few weeks ago.

As long as I could remember, EB would price match any retail store's price within Australia as long as you had proof of stock and price.

So just a heads-up before you go into JB or EB with a price-matching attempt in mind.

*BF3 at Dicksmith (Doncaster) for $79.95 which wasn't limited edition. Priced match that at EB for the limited Edition.


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    Wish I could neg this for the misleading title….

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      Yeah, another complaint masquerading as advice…

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