What Is The Best Bargain You Have Found That Was Second-Hand?

I have just recently bought a great bike for $100 on Facebook Marketplace and was wondering what's the best deal they found whilst on Marketplace, Gumtree etc


  • Dining table from the side of the street. Probably valued at about $200 second hand, so could make a profit if I sold it.

    • Score! Nothing beats free. yeah we tend to find a lot of good stuff in inner city suburbs where there's heaps of people moving and out.

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    12 years ago a media company was closing down and I bought a Logitech Z5500 for $15. I still use it today.

    • Did you get to test it before buying?

      I have one and still use it. I need a spare speaker; have you had to replace any?

      • No need to test for that price. Everything still works great.

      • Spare sub or one of the satellites? If it is one of the satellites, you could use one from another brand that has similar impedance I guess?

    • A couple of years ago I picked up a fully functional Pioneer SC-LX85 for a whopping $40 (after using a 20% discount coupon off the original $50 tag price) from an op-shop. Still use it today as well. I can't help but wonder why would anyone donate it to an op-shop. Probably much better selling it off and donate the money instead.

      • You'd be surprised what ends up in Op Shops.. used clothes, sex toys, nudie mags, people don't care it's just about being easy. Bloody good find for you though!

    • amazing! my Z5500 is still going strong after 10 years

  • Anything baby related eg prams, cots, toys, learning towers

    • We moved internationally when my eldest was 1yro, and sold all the baby stuff to a couple about to have their first kid. The woman was literally teary at getting cheaply priced, little used baby gear, which I understood a bit after seeing how expensive secondhand stuff is in the UK.
      I always took for granted you could make big savings on secondhand, but uk prices were nuts - a beat up sofa I would have been hesitant to send to vinnies would sell for a hundred quid.

      • Wow UK is mad. Why do you think it's so expensive there?

        • I think the UK developed a bit differently in the late 70s/1980s to Australia.
          They had much smaller houses, an economy that didn't see disposable income grow as fast, and high consumer taxes, so people didn't buy "stuff" in the same way we did in AU (or people did in the USA or Canada).
          So there was less in the secondhand market, and new prices were also comparatively higher.
          I think this is changing as more stuff comes out of Asia (which was much later to enter the UK than for us in Australia) and I guess Brexit will push it along too, as European stuff gets dearer and Asian imports comparatively cheaper.

          I think this is likely true across the EU, but I don't really know enough about other European countries to be sure, and it might be different in the eastern European countries, as they had a different time too.

        • Well we pay less to have Amazon UK deliver their stuffs here than what they would sell domestically.
          UK VAT is nuts.

    • Same here - a lot of very good quality toys, books, art material, etc. - free from neighbour, friends, council clean up.

    • Got a cot for $1 off fb marketplace.

      • Did they really make you pay the dollar? 😂

        • Yep. I know.

        • I think the dollar is to make sure it's not wasted and going to genuine buyer who will use it.

          • @ihbh: perhaps they know a little bit about contract law and wanted it to be a genuine sale contract. In law its called a peppercorn contract to pay a small amount (e.g. often $1) for something… essentially the key principle is something of value (known as consideration) has to be paid or an item traded (such as a peppercorn itself) for there to be a contract (offer + acceptance + consideration). It does not matter whether it is a fair trade, just that both sides gave something up

    • When I was on my way to the gym the other day, I saw a load of baby stuff just dumped on the street for council clean-up.
      I used to work with a company that sold them so I know this stuff isn't cheap, out of interest I Googled the pram and it was like $1700 and there was a huge pile of the stuff. it was on a side street that I park with little foot traffic, so I doubt anyone picked it up.
      I live in Sydney Eastern suburbs, I guess people just don't want the hassle of dealing with selling it so they just send it to landfill.

  • Karcher professional wet/dry vac.

    Rrp: $1299.

    Used once.


    Had it for over a year, works a treat.

    • and where did you find that ? thats impossible to believe 🤔

      • Facebook marketplace.

        Regional area. Guy purchased it to clean after renovations. was unable to find a replacement filter for it, so decided to sell it.

  • I got a Giant hybrid with hub gears for $95, so I am also a fan of secondhand bikes. The light the previous owner left on it sold for $80 new on its own.

    Other good deals have been on eBay “buy it now” items if you search for most recently listed - it is not uncommon for people to list things well under the prices they are selling at auction, but you need to be very quick!

    End of garage sale is another prime time. I’ve got good deals on taking a pile of tools or a pile of camping gear when people are keen to shift things en masse.

    • Haha I got a really nice Trek hybrid with carbon fibre forks on Gumtree for $200. It had a babyseat on the back which I sold for $100 and a basket on the front that I sold for $30.

      • Me and my mate used to go what we'd call 'junkin' which was scavenging local hard rubbish collections. You wouldn't believe what people just chuck away. Fully good BBQs, furniture, books, camping gear. Fad items are a common trend. And then we'd spin some of it on gumtree or FB for a profit or enough at least to cover petrol and a feed so we never saw a loss.

    • How do you do your ebay thingy? I just tired, but I still need to go to a specific category?

      • It is just saving a search for "buy it now" auctions for the item I am after, and specifying immediate email notification. You need to decide what you are looking for first, but it works well if you are patient.

        • I don't get it. Aren't almost all ebay listings 'Buy it Now'. Wouldn't you get a ton of emails from stores putting items up at standard pricing? Or do you put a separate price filter on?
          I would just start ignoring the emails at some point no matter how patient I was…

  • Vintage Chanel handbag from Japan, think it was $1.4k. Current models in store are $6.3k.

  • a neon switch with mario and rabbids and mario odyssey for $200 :)

  • Herman miller mirra for $60

    • I picked up a Mirra including an office desk for $60, and the chair still had warranty (think it was only 4 years old?). Someone was selling their home office setup due to retirement.

      My tip was I found if you ever searched Marketplace/Gumtree for “Herman Miller” or “Mirra” or “Aeron” you wouldn’t get a chair for less than $300-400, but if you just persisted looking for “office desk and chair” that eventually something will come up.

  • HP Color LaserJet CP1515n, with cartridges, plus 9 brand new genuine HP spare cartridges for…$5

  • The owners moved back in a house nearby that was recently renovated for council clean up threw out a lot including management consulting material at partner level - rare and broad and can't access unless you worked for the firm. The kids left out new art material.

  • Free Ikea TV cabinet off Gumtree. It's pretty much perfect for my TV and game consoles.

  • 2011 27" imac on Gumtree for parts only $20

    Replaced all thermal pastes and been running a treat for 6 months.

    After running sweet for a few weeks added an ssd for $34

    So for a total of $70 plus a few hours of my free covid time I have a sweet dual boot imac. The display is beautiful.

    • Did you need the parts anyway, or were you particularly confident you could repair?

      • Could always on sell for minimum $100 if couldn't get going.
        The 2011 is notorious for thermal paste issues so it was an educated guess. Plenty of youtube videos on the repair process.

        • Yeah nice! Well done.

          I've seen enough Louis Rossman videos to know that repair is possible. But I think I'd doubt my resolve.

          Also, Mac, yuk. (Jk. Bnk)

  • About 30 bar clamps, F-clamps and pipe clamps for $10. Thousands of dollars to replace new.

  • Bought a $5000 motorcycle for $2000, all because the guy listed it incorrectly on eBay. Wrong section/category and misspelled the name. Found it by accident looking for something else.

    Also bought a box of padlocks for $50. Got home to find out there was about 70 padlocks in the box. All of them were keyed to a master system. All of them had keys. All of them were high security padlocks with changeable cores. I now use them on customer jobs and sell them for up to $45 each. Through our wholesale supplier, these padlocks are usually about $30 each and are blank, no cores and no keys.

    • Hmmm so you still have the master?

      I guess that’s where the value really is….

      Sorry, the evil thought was too hard to resist.

    • Hi, lock picking lawyer here,and you wouldn't believe what I just scored!

    • why did he went ahead with the motorbike sale for $2000, if he listed it incorrectly?

      • Said he listed it 4 times and no bidders. Was just happy to get someone to buy it. Just needed to offload it. And personally, I don’t think he knew it was listed in the wrong category and I certainly wasn’t going to tell him. He listed it as an auction, I bid and won. He had every opportunity to cancel the auction and even if he did it after the auction, I wouldn’t have blamed him. $2000 was the starting bid and that’s what I won the auction at.

        • What is the bike model and year?

          isn't it risky to bid on bike without checking it out in real life first?

          • @pinkybrain: It is a Super Soco CUx. It is 9months old and had 349km on it. The guy gave me the original purchase receipt for it and he paid $5,696 for it on 9/12/19.

            And I am a mechanic, so I would check it out when I go to pick it up. If it was a wreck or something major was wrong with it, I would not hand over the cash or renegotiate the price based on the new information that it had problems.

            Either way, at a $3,696 saving off a new bike, it could afford to have an issue or two, as even broken down into its parts, it would still net me more than what I paid for it just in salvage value alone.

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    Herman Miller Aeron for $30 on Gumtree.

    I wasn't game to ask the seller if they knew what kind of chair it was, incase they wanted to price jack.

    I still wonder to this day if maybe someone died in it whilst holding a falafel in their hand.

    • Holy smokes. Thats a bargain.

      I found a mirra 2 on the street when I'd been researching chairs and was nearly ready to drop $1000+

      Needed to be a little inventive with a cushion, a towel, and some Allen keys to hold the seat on and make it comfy. But does the trick.

    • Maybe he thought it was a reproduction.

  • Nothing too special, but an Xbox One S and Xbox 360 with a bunch of accessories for $130.

  • $20 Macbook Air 2011 with Magsafe. Had battery bulge issue and broken trackpad. Everything still worked okay though.

    • Be careful with battery bulge; that is one of the key symptoms of a battery failing that could lead to explosion/fire.
      Not sure how easy it would be to replace a macbook battery but definitely supervise it whilst it's charging/plugged in.

  • I found an iPad with a smashed screen in the park. Fixed digitiser and had heaps of Snapchat captures

  • Bbq for $100 that had maybe been used once and retailed for $600. Buying in winter helped my cause as nobody needs a bbq in Melbourne at the start of winter!

  • A Southern Cross canvas tent in excellent condition with a couple of different awnings for $300. These usually go for $800+. The seller had used a photo from the southern cross website but it was of a much smaller tent.

  • A table from Freedom shop for $75, can become 3.5 metre long or back to 1.5 meter short, anywhere more than $300.

  • 12 draw solid wood dresser with mirror. Sold on eBay for pick up only with most of the draw runners stuffed. Took a punt I could adapt some new runners and got it for $180. Got it home, other than runners A1 condition. It had a manufacturers nameplate on it, locally made, bonus! Rang them, found they still sold them for $4500, they had a bad batch of runners once. As Customer loyalty they sent out a new full set for postage cost only.

  • Doing a Reno on a Victorian era cottage and needed a Baltic floor replaced. Saw a demo sale and agreed a price for some boards if we lifted them ourselves. When we went their owner was keen to move whatever as demolition in a couple of days.
    We got boards, joists, skirtings, doors and hardware, heaps at a very good price. Save thousands and weeks of searching, able to put in original age fixtures.

    Other bargain was going to uni as a mature age. For the cost of fees and some work I increased my wages by quite a lot, year on year for 20 years.

  • Anki Vector for $110