Cashrewards Cashback and Bonus Cashback on Partial Refunds from The Online Seller

New to ozbargain and I have a question in general regarding cashback/bonus cashback via cashrewards and/or shopback.

I bought a few items off ebay while the cashrewards' bonus $20 deal was running 2-3 weeks back and a few items I ordered were not up to the mark as with some packing was insane and with one order, a piece was missing. So I contacted seller and they right away partially refunded the order.

Now my question is does it forfeit my cashback and/or bonus cashback of $20?

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    Terms for eBay on Cashrewards (you'll find the same terms apply to all publishers):

    If anything within your cart is unpaid, cancelled, changed or returned, cashback for the entire cart will be declined.

    • Thanks TA, appreciate it. Yes I read the terms and conditions, the only question in my mind is I contacted the seller to get a defective item to be resent or to find a solution as the item condition was certainly not acceptable. The seller right away refunded partially and said he'll send the new item as he didn't want me to leave a bad feedback. Now here I didn't clearly ask for it but still I got it.

      In such situations would Cashrewards still hold back my bonus $30 cashreward? I am concerned about the bonus cashback rather than normal tracked cashback.

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        Let's wait and see if eBay declines the sales first. As per my comment below, you may have nothing to worry about. If they do decline, contact me at bonus payment time and we'll work something out. Stay safe :)

        • You're a gem! As seen on the other threads where you did sort out such issues without any hassle to the customers. Keep it up!

  • I had the exact same issue with clothes. One of my items had a giant hole in it so I got it returned (they didn't have any others in stock to get a replacement). My cashback was declined. I emailed asking why and explained I had to return the product because it was faulty but they said any returns will void cashback, sadly.

    This was with cashrewards and has happened a few times now, which is very frustrating as the only reason I bought the items through them was the cashback and it was not my fault at all that the items had to be returned. I've never had cashback declined from ShopBack despite returning items from my order, which is why I stick with them when given a choice (yes despite the data breach).

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      I've never had cashback declined from ShopBack despite returning items from my order

      Same terms across both sites. Note that either CR or SB decline sales - only eBay does. We have no idea if you've cancelled/exchanged/returned goods. You may have been lucky with SB in that the seller didn't change the order, and unlucky with CR in that the seller did change the order. Just fyi :)

      • Ahh, that does make much more sense. I didn't know the retailer notifies CR/SB. The store I shopped at/returned to wasn't eBay, it was a clothing store, but I'm assuming this applies to all retailers. I guess I did get lucky!

        Sorry OP.