Mechpro Blue Variable Speed Polisher 150mm $109 at Repco - any good?

they're on special at the moment at $109 fasolos.

these any good for proper paint correction ? can anyone vouch for them ? what pads and coupunds do i need to get started ?

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    It is OK for domestic use. It will just vibrate more than premium models and likely bog down a bit easier.

    Use the meguiars ultimate compound and polish (I think currently on special at SCA) and when back in stock get these pads

    Dedicate a day or weekend to wash, clay bar, wash, dry, compound, polish, wax. Done.

    • compound, polish, wax

      thanks. what do products do you recommend for these ? 2016 amarok grey, 2015 mazda cx5 silver . both paints are in vgc. havent been polished or wax since factory.

      • I've had good results with meguiars ultimate range. Easy to work with, break down nicely and smell really good.

  • Try Detail Paradise

    Lots of tips and information for someone not familiar with car detailing.

  • Good to get a dual action (DA) rather than just normal polisher.
    [edit] - sorry it does appear to be DA, so wouldnt be a bad option for budget.

  • Can some confirm if this Mechpro polisher is a DA polisher?

    On sparesbox website it says 21mm dual action orbit with soft start

    So is a Orbital polisher or a DA polisher??

    When I look at cheaper DA polishers at SCA Autobarn etc the clearly state a DA polisher (neither stock the Mechpro brand)

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