Any Good Deals for Camera to Use for YouTube and Twitch Live Streaming?

Since webcams have become way overpriced due to covid i was looking to invest in something better to replace m crappy older model Microsoft lifecam that does 720 at 30 frames a sec at ok quality

So looking to move straight into cameras and use a capture card since my smart phone cant be used as a webcam and i don’t have one i can borrow

wanted at least 1080 video at 60 frames a sec

Couple of ones i was looking at Sony a5100, Canon M200, Panasonic Lumix G7,
Can also be an alternative camera if it does the following
Flip out or up screen, inter changeable lens, Clean video (ie all the menu and videos stats don’t display) via hdmi port, has the options unlimited run time and it can be powered either by usb or and can use a virtual battery so it can be powered by powered cord

I’m mainly going to use it for live streaming so i wanted to ensure it does not overheat

I will need a way to mount the camera either above my monitor or a tripod so if that comes with a package it would be good

Looking to spend under $800

To be clear i don’t want a webcam , please don’t suggest that

Open to a second hand/ refurbished camera
Seeing if the are any great offers or specials currently out there


  • since my smart phone cant be used as a webcam

    I use DroidCam for some of the Zoom sessions that I also need to broadcast, and the quality is surprising good because many decent phones these days have very good cameras. DroidCam can only do HD but there are similar apps that can do 1080P (Iriun, iVCam, etc) which I think should be sufficient for Live streaming.