Visa and Employment Scam. Playing along and Gathering Details. Worth It?

I am looking for suggestion if it is worth to play along with the scammers (one of the caller is from Brisbane) and gather details before reporting this scam. or it will be one of thousands to be reported through ScamWatch every month.

One of my friends nephew in India got a telephonic interview from Brisbane for a job role and few days after that they confirmed he is selected and Visa process has been initiated. He just have to write IELTS and share the result. My friend forwarded the details to me and Immediately I told him its a scam for sure. He also had some doubt but since he didn't ask any money till now, he was like what if it is indeed genuine. His nephew doesn't want to lose the opportunity if it is genuine offer as he currently working reduced hours.

I think by now, the scammers might have given some clues that he is after money. there are several red flags I pointed out to him so by now he might have made up his mind. I have the office number in Brisbane and their website which is a .com, another red flag.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions.


  • Their office is unlikely truly in Brisbane.

    Unless you're an IT guru and can trace their exact locations and get access to their PC for proof, you're wasting your time.

    (Watch how Jim Browning does it. Even with his skill set, ie. TAKEN level shit, he can't really do much).

  • Seems as worthwhile a use of time as me responding to your post.

    If the potential Visa worker is currently overseas, how and when will they get to Australia?

    Is the scammer actually from Brisbane or do they just have a 07 number?

    Does the business have an ABN/ ACN?

    Is the job offer too good to be true?