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Huntkey Powerboard (6 Outlet +2 USB) 2 Packs $39.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Costco Membership required

Was searching for surge protectors and this has to be one of the cheapest ones i have come across.

This is 49.99 online at costco

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  • Ah 375 Juoles of surge protection… I think I'll go for higher.
    Great price tho, thanks OP!

    • Honest question as I don’t know how it works- but if the surge was greater, would that not just fry the board and save the accessories?

      • They are also meant to protect against spike not just surge and generally the higher joules = the longer life of the surge board. All surge board degrades over time so this would ends up useless as a surge protector much sooner than something with higher joules rating.

        For example this comes out as $19.99 each unit, and the Cyberpower is currently $30 on eBay with 2750 Joules. If you end up using 2 Huntkey for the lifespan of one Cyberpower, then it actually costs more. Again, surge protector continue to degrade overtime you don't need to wait for a big surge until they end up dead.

  • Good value but I returned my last one because the switch was sparking when turn on and off.

  • Wait for the Aldi ones, if they come up again.

  • Weren't the Cyberpower ones come around $21 on sale? They are better quality with insurance.

    • Well this is a 2 pack with USB ports - incredible value!

      • Too bad price jumps but the Cyberpower also has 2 USB ports, 2750 Joules, coaxial port and $50,000 equipment insurance. I have 3 of them at home, they used to be around $19-$21 on sale or $25 normal price.

        The other surge board I have is an old Gold series Belkin with similar specs but no USB. Instead it has Ethernet & Coaxial.

  • It is the same price on ebay, this or 8 port Cyberpower for $3 more?

  • Where's the best place to get the cyberpower ones?

  • Not a good deal or value. Cyberpower has 2x 8-outlet ones on eBay for only $5 more https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CyberPower-8-Way-Outlet-Surge-Pr...

    • Hi @reddy cool, excuse my question but is it 45$ for 2 boards or are they saying 2 usb ports according to the title and costs 45$ for 1 board. If it is 2 then i am thinking i will return the ones i bought in costco and buy these instead .. can u please confirm. Thank you. - Yours sincerely.

      • Oopsy, yeah that seems to be for one sorry. Downvote Reddy!

        • Oh no worries .. i was actually really curious and i meant it when i was saying i would return them .. after all is said and done .. we are true ozbargainers …

    • I've been waiting for a deal on these for so long, but only realised based off your reply that this is for TWO. It's not inherently obvious when searching via eBay. Thank you so much!

      Edit: Nevermind! :(