Dell Warranty for Monitors

I'm looking at buying a Dell monitor off ebay (with Plus). The seller doesn't look to be an authorised representative or anything but I'm wondering if Dell will still honor any warranty problems if they arise after the ebay Plus 30 days return window?


  • Is it a private seller or a business? If the latter, you should get full warranty with the invoice as proof of purchase.
    If it's a private seller, you can ask them to transfer the warranty over to you. Dell uses service tags to track the warranty and transferring ownership is easy.

  • If Seller is an Authorised Dell Reseller: You can deal with Dell or the Retailer and warranty commences day you buy the monitor

    If they are a reseller but not authorised you have to deal with the seller direct. Dell will have a registered warranty with the seller that they need to transfer into your name and will commence from when the SELLER made the purchase of the monitors

    • Don't think this is true for Dell, the warranty will be available to whoever has the control of the device and simply contact Dell support with issues with the service tag.

      A non authorised retailer would just mean the warranty starts from the date of that reseller purchase from Dell

      • A quick search of the Dell Forums is shows this is not the case.

        Posted by a community manager on the dell forums when asked re a Ebay Sold Monitor:

        Reseller Monitor Warranty policy (Ebay)
        Contact the reseller and get his Dell order number for the monitor. That order number will tell us the start and end date of the warranty.

        FYI: Dell Moinitors do not have a service tag (unless purchased with a desktop system where the tag is linked with the monitor)

        • Ah okay maybe its different for monitors, but I bought a laptop before and the service tag just come with it

  • It's probably worth asking dell if they will match whatever price you are getting, and buying direct from them, rather than some dodgy eBay seller.

  • The seller doesn't look to be an authorised representative or anything but I'm wondering if Dell

    Manufacturers are not required by law to provide a manufacture warranty for goods sold by unauthorised resellers.