Sydney Northern Beaches 40 Minute Scenic Flight - Departing Bankstown $110 (Normally $249) @ Bookme


I've always wanted to do one of these since living in Sydney. This is a great price!

Normally $249, you can see all the other dates for the month, this deal is for $110.

Note: thanks to @bondiben, you can change the date and the price changes to $110 on many other dates too, even though it just looks like there's only one date available at $110.


  • 40 min flight
  • window seat
  • in-flight commentary
  • Complimentary spring water

Allow 90 min for the whole experience.

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  • Nice deal.
    BTW - while it looks liike the only availability is for today, if you use the change dates button in the red bar, the price changes for any selected date I could find.

  • I think it is for every Sat and Sun until Dec and it is for 10:00 on the morning departure only and first 3 person on $100, 4th 5th will be $140 ea and 6th is $249. Max is 6 persons onboard

  • I'm a tall fat (profanity). How uncomfortable will I be?

    • +2 votes

      Looking at their portal >> Restrictions: Weight limit 130Kg per person. Does that ring any alarms?

  • +7 votes

    One of those scenic flights in Kununurra almost got me killed due to a landing gear malfunction. Personally will not attempt ever again…

  • Do these planes really only cost $250 an hour to operate, including all wages and profits and stuff?

    • Pretty sure it's more that. And I reckon fuel prices & number of passengers are a large factor determining the running cost.

    • Easily. At $110 they're not making any profit. Pilots are paid by the hour (and that's only when the engine is running) so they might be flying for free on this day just to log some time.

      • Maybe it helps them earn a tiny bit instead of nothing at all, if the pilots have to be on standby anyway. Maybe their fuel reserves were getting old and they need to burn through it to replace it with fresh ones.