Refurbished iPhone from Apple Store ( XS Max)


My Partner wants to move from Samsung to Apple ( yay!!) but still wants samsung like features at a low price!

features like big screen, good camera and good memory and all under $1000.

I found this deal for XS max

any ideas about refurbished Iphones? Do they change just the battery ? is it worth?


  • Your first problem is that is in USD which equals about $1200 and the fact they don't ship outside of the US


    The catch is this is oversea model so 1-year warranty

  • I bought an ex-demo XS from Kogan and it was fine. I bought a refurbished MacBook retina from Apple and the battery was totally gone after probably two years. I was too lazy to take it in, they probably would have just given me a new one if I did it within two or three years. I probably just needed to call them and they'd send me a box to send it back. But laziness is a killer. In any case, I decided to only buy new from now on, unless the deal is way too good to pass up.

  • Better to save up and buy brand new if you’re going to use it for 3 to 5 years.

  • Good. iPhones are much superior to everything else out there because apple is the best tech company in the whole wide world when it comes to mobile phones and gadgets and designing and engineering and value add A++++++

  • yeah.. what is the cheapest price around for Iphone 11 /128 Gb
    I saw 1078$ in OW and JBHIFI , is there anywhere cheaper!