Xiaomi Surface 34" Ultrawide Hot To Touch

Hey Y'all,

As the title says. I just touched the back of my xiaomi surface 34" I picked up on the ebay plus site and it was pretty darn warm. I used an IR gun and the hottest reading im getting is around 55 c. Is this a problem? do people find them running hot or what? ive only just set it up last night so getting used to it still.

Cheers, H


  • Does the Xiaomi have an integrated PSU?
    My LG is running at 23°c.

    • yes it does, i'll have to check my brothers to compare.

      • That's probably the reason for the high heat. Does the Xiaomi have an energy rating? My secondary monitor is a 24" Lenovo monitor with an integrated PSU and is running at 18°c. Maybe the Xiaomi monitor is cheap because it uses more energy?

  • I just touched the back of my xiaomi surface 34"

    Where exactly at the back? Mine is cool to the touch. The warmest area on my Xiaomi is at the bottom where the vents are.
    What brightness level do you have yours at? Mine is below 50%.

  • mine runs at 52% brightness and it doesn't feel like it's anywhere near 55 degrees.

  • just fondled my monitor. she's pretty chill though. not as smoking hot as yours.

  • My Hisense TV doesn't ground itself or something because touching it is really zappy. I'm guessing it's like that by design. It gets hot too. But the picture looks great so I don't mind all the weird quirks.

  • don't think it should ever run that hot, I've been using mine for almost 8 hours without any noticeable heat