Is It Possible to Remove Bank Account Details from Cashrewards?

There has been a lot of noise lately regarding the Shopback data breach. I've been lucky in not receiving any of the spam since I didn't use any of my real details.

I'm checking my Cashrewards account and noticed that my bank account details are on my account which I can't remove. Has anyone been able to remove these details from their CR account? These are details that I definitely don't want to fall into the wrong hands.

Shopback doesn't require my bank account details for me to redeem cashback.

Any assistance is appreciated.

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  • I was able to delete CR account sometime back, there was a "Account Delete" button. In the worst case, you can delete the account and make a new one without bank details.

    • Delete the account from the front end doesn't mean that it will be removed from the back end as whooah mentioned below. The same with change the details.

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    Are you able to edit and add a fake one..

  • Removing the details from the front end doesn't mean that it will be removed from the back end.

  • Just open a separate bank account to collect payments like this. NAB have a fee free account that doesn't require $2000 deposit each month (Unlike ANZ/CBA/WBC), Citibank Plus would also be useful.

  • What exactly is the concern here? From my 5 minutes of research, the main concern would be that someone might use the information to social engineer their way into your account. I don't know how many banks would even use your BSB and account numbers as a good indicator of ownership since it can be information that is fairly public since it's information that can leak as soon as you start giving it out.

    If you actually care about tightening the security of your bank accounts, focus on the thing that you have 100% control over. Two examples:
    1. If the mobile phone number associated with your account is the same number you give out to everyone (friends, family, colleagues, online shops, social media etc.) then you should consider changing it to a number that has not be leaked everywhere.
    2. Like with your mobile phone number, make sure the email address associated with your account is unique to the service. There are many easy strategies to do this. If you use Gmail and your main email address is [email protected] then you might use [email protected] If you want to get even more fancy, put some random numbers and letters so that your email is [email protected]

  • I sent an email to CR support and was advised that the bank account cannot be removed from their system as it is "required to prevent potential fraudulent activity".

    However, they were able to remove my name, DOB and post code.