Acer Liquid Metal - $128 @ JB Hi-Fi still on display: Misleading? Bait & switch?

JB HiFi still have the Acer Liquid Metal on display (in SA) and with the $128 price next to it. I asked them if they had any, they said no and could not say if they will ever get any more in again.

I said that if they had a sign up for something they can't get then that is misleading. They said they can't take down the sign until head office says so.

So what is going on here? Misleading? Bait & switch?

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  • Not technically bait and switch, but not misleading either. Bait and switch occurs when they advertise a product at unusually low prices (Note: $128 is the usual price for the Liquid Metal) and then they offer you a much higher priced product as an alternative.

    So I'd say unless they were pushing an alternative onto you and pressuring you to buy something else, it isn't bait and switching.

    Maybe they keep the sign up because Telstra wants them to? Who knows..

    • They sort of went down this path. The salesman asked me why I was after that particular model and would I be interested in an alternative. But he stopped short of suggesting an alternative after I said that was the only one I was after, due to its having the best screen/processor/$ value.

  • The Sydney (NSW) city one in Capitol Square still had the Sony Xperia x10 mini pro dummy up back in September when I looked… AFAIK this was months after they had sold out (they didn't have any stock then either - I checked). I think whoever does their displays is just lazy.

    • what are you talking about
      ? since when is there a JB in capitol square?

      • i think he means world square

  • its more staff laziness

    i've been to a few stores and they still have it as a store dummy but no stock

  • +1

    i was told by a jb store mgr/section mgr (not sure) that these phones are on back-order and that it will be the last shipment of them ! the mgr couldnt provide with arrival date though.
    if some-one else could confirm that, it would be great.

    • May be uninteresting by that time given the new wave of multi-core phones that will be sweeping all before them + the rise of the cheaper but older-tech baseline models…..

      • True, but for one reason or another, some may still want the acer. Plus must admit $128 for these specs hits the sweet spot.

  • I was in melbourne City today and it was on display. I asked a yound assistant for one and he came back saying they were out of stock. I asked when more were coming and he had to go to Manager. he came back and said - "That offer has been discontinued". Why is it still on display??

    • I think this is poor -and for what reason? Did they try and sell an alternative phone?

  • So in other words, there will be no more.