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Tower Air Fryer 4.3Litre 1500W $51.10 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


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  • Very good reviews so worth a buy

    • Dangerous melted a plug socket, with the air fryer pulled away to the furthest point possible at the edge of a work top.
      This is proper disappointing…may as well just have oven chips…they are a lot easier than using this! With this one you have to "shake" the basket your better off turning them with a spoon etc. I would not recommend this product at all plus it gets do hot on the back of the unit where the vents are, even being on the edge of my work top it has melted a plug socket. Would never recommend it's so DANGEROUS!
      61 people found this helpful

      • And you did too. What about other good reviews?

        • When looking at review, the best is to check the bad one with lots of people finding helpful which may indicate that the review is in face reflection of the true.

          And UK warranty is different form AU that is to say limit warranty protection form Amazon Au expect a refund of the item cost.

          Just get a Kmart one with local warranty, without the wait for weeks or a month with a slightly higher cost.

          • @SnoozeAndLose: FYI if it’s sold by amazon Au the warranty will be the same as all Australian shops.

            I have tested this with consumers affairs and amazon refunded me.

          • @SnoozeAndLose: There's websites out there that can help verify the legitimacy (reviewmeta and fakespot) and I personally avoid products where 1 star reviews make up around 8% or more of the total.

            Just remember that reviews are often skewed to be negative, because you're more likely to rate something when it's bad. Aside from the fake reviews of course.

          • @SnoozeAndLose: This review is crap and by an moron. This airfryer looks like similar to the Kmart one in design and function. The instructions are very clear about its heat, where it shouldn’t be placed, and how to avoid such things. It’s a bench top oven, what did they expect? Also “have to shake the basket”!! That is how this freaking appliance works and what makes it simple

            Saying all that I’d still just fork out the $89 for the Kmart one which is built for AU and no need to worry about warranty (some people do, some people don’t seem the have success via Amazon)

            • @Wombatstew: Why not just buy the $49 from Woolworths and get an extra 5% with gift cards, and an extra 10% off monthly shop if you're with Woolworths Insurance.

      • It's one review. 61 people who found it useful are not 61 people who agree.

        All airfryers get super hot near the outflow vent, and will melt things if it's not position with adequate clearance. Reviewer sounds like a fool.

      • Also remember that some competitors are not beneath writing a fake review so that buyers shy away from a product and then buy their own. There are companies out there that do this as a business and will then have 50+ bot accounts 'like' the fake review to give it weight when viewed by customers.

        The takeaway is, don't treat all reviews as gospel… just make the best decision you can when looking at the internet for confirmation about anything…

  • Keep in mind you'll need a UK to AU converter plug.


    • When product arrives go on chat and say you need an adapter to make it AU plug and they send you one. I have done it few times now

    • Or you could install a UK socket like most of us have done, with globalisation and all

      (I'm joking)

  • I am happy with my phillips. Thanks for posting

  • Better to spend $89 on the Kmart one. It's bigger in capacity (5.3L), higher power (1800W), no need for adapter (this will have UK plug), has local warranty and no need to wait ages for it to arrive. As a bonus, there is a very active facebook page dedicated to the KMart air fryers.

  • When there are so many generic air friers available locally for similar prices, why would you buy it from UK, with a UK plug?

  • Head up. Amazon UK appears to be taking around a month to deliver to Oz currently.