15% off Menswear Including Suits - Pure Wool Suits from A$309 + Delivery (Free with £75 Order) @ Moss Bros UK


Moss Bros is a great website for decent quality but affordable suits.
At the moment they are having a further 15% off.
I just bought two 100% wool business suits (Savoy Tailors Guild) for UK338.3 - which works out to be about AU$309 each - after discount code.
You also get free delivery over 75pounds (or about AU$150).
Here's a little trick - you do not want to shop on the international store - they were going to charge me an extra AU$80 to use local currency. Try to make sure you stay on the UK site and use a fee-free foreign currency card. They will try to kick you over to the international site so avoid using Paypal and when the pop-up for the international site starts to come up, just close it quick.

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  • Note: Moss are decent but not the best quality (their primary business is suit hire). I actually think Marks and Spencers have better quality clothing. Also their sizes differ vastly between different products so make sure you review returns policy just in case.

  • I wish I'd check before I bought the suits - I would definitely have added this tie: https://www.moss.co.uk/moss-1851-navy-with-pink-animals-prin...

  • Happy to work in tshirt and pyjamas for now.

  • I've bought several suits from Moss Bros but wouldn't necessarily be brave enough to buy without trying on, first.

    Suits are okay (if you choose wool with lining) but never found trousers there with a small fob pocket for loose coins.