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Blueberries $1.90- $2.50 for 125g/170g Punnet @ Coles


If you’re not near an Aldi store then you don’t need to miss out on the current low price of fresh blueberries. Coles are selling them around the country at varying prices, all of them cheaper than normal. When I did a quick check of their web site and changed capital cities this is what I found:

Adelaide and Darwin - $1.90 for 125g
Melbourne - $2 for 170g
Sydney, Brisbane, Perth - $2 for 125g
Hobart - $2.50 for 125g

I love cheap berries because my favourite thing to make is homemade jam. It tastes way better than store bought, and I get a different flavour each time because the berry mix ratio changes depending on what’s available. I also like to add a splash of sweet whisky to the mix (almost any Canadian or American works well) to give it a nice aroma.

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