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VPNArea.com - 67% Off: 1 Year Plan US$41.30 / A$57.86 or 2 Year Plan US$77 / A$107.87


VPNArea.com invites you to protect your privacy with iron-clad encryption at unbeatable prices via its "Work From Home" promotion:

  • 1 Year for USD $41.30
  • 2 Years for USD $77

In comparison:
NordVPN sells 1 year for $59
ExpressVPN sells 1 year for $99.95

VPNArea membership gives you:
- Access to VPN servers in 55+ countries
- Special Residential VPN servers that can access popular streaming platforms content in USA, UK, Italy, Canada
- Access to Australian VPN servers in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide
- Use on up to 10 devices at the same time. Share account with friends & family
- Unlimited downloads
- In differ to cheaper VPNs, VPNArea operates Dedicated servers with dedicated 1 Gbp/s speed in almost all of our locations, same speed you would get from NordVPN and ExpressVPN, or faster.
- Custom VPN Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
- 8 years pristine reputation of upholding our 100% No Logs privacy policy
- 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked
- PayPal, Cards, Cryptocurrency accepted.

VPNArea has been serving customers since 8 years and it has been established as one of the few independent and reliable privacy oriented VPNs.

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    TechRadar is paid commission by the VPN providers they place in their Best VPN lists for each customer that buys their service. Same VPN providers they review, pay them. Make your own conclusions. Same with PCMag and any other site owned by Future PLC or j2 Global that curates a "Best VPN for" list.

    Real verified user reviews from SiteJabber (google-licensed review partner):


      Have you had a independent audit? Seems what the review mentioned. Have you proved that you don't keep records via a court case.?


        We requested an audit from Cure53, the reputable company that did the audit of ExpressVPN, Surfshark, iVPN. In their own words:
        "Unfortunately, we don't offer no-log reviews any longer" and "we no longer believe that those add any value"

        We agree, an audit is no proof, what was audited about logs with those companies can be changed the day after the audit and you wouldn't know. Proof for us is either years of reputation without "logs incidents" that many high profile VPN companies experienced, or complete transition to blockchain.

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    People on Ozbargain buy these vpn services when they are on increased cashback from CR or SB. I got my Surfshark with 90% cashback. I don't know what is the difference between you but the price is way cheaper there.


      Thank you for input, we will study the cashback options. From what I can see their price is nearly 100% more expensive on 1 month option and around 30% cheaper on two year option, however they don't seem to have 1 year option, which we do have. Not sure what the options are to combine plans with cashbacks, we'll look into that.


        But with cashback, I ended up paying less than half the price of your 1 year plan for 3 years of nordvpn


    True, PIA, Nord, surfshark etc are well known names and almost 50-60% lower prices, when combined with Cashback. Wonder if people actually use these VPN’s?