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Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer $425 Delivered @ Appliances Online & Amazon AU


Been keeping an eye on these since the last sale on Amazon in June 2020 for $399, now that I'm almost exclusively working from home, it's been a pain warming up the oven to cook snacks such as Nuggets or reheat leftover pizza. Hopefully this little thing will make life easier.

Cheapest I've seen for a while.

This is the Air Fry model, not to be confused with older models.

Amazon is also price matching https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07Z64B35J

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    I managed to pick up the Aldi Special buys one last time for $99. We now use it more than the our Phillips Basket type air fryer. A++ would recommend an oven with air fry over a standard basket air fryer type

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      Hi, can I know why you recommend an oven with air fryer more standard basket air fryer? I'm considering the oven+air fryer or standard air fryer, hence very interested with your feedback. Also, how is Aldi one? Thanks!

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        I would think that would be due to size + versatility.

        With the basket one, it's quite limited on what you could do with it.

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        Uhh TBH it was an impulse buy. We needed something to replace an older (much older) mini oven and grill and Aldi just happened to have a special buy a few weeks ago for the mini oven + air fryer.

        Its pretty good and bang for buck for what you get. Its not a premium product by any means and there are some short comings; like the overall quality is OK, one of the screw heads was burred and i cut myself on it on unboxing. Then theres a gap on the bottom of the glass door, you can see heat and condensate escape out it when its in operation (high temp tape fixed that up). But again none of that really bothered us and its been doing good. The larger capacity of the Aldi one (23Lt) meant you can fit more stuff in too so thats a plus (i.e the chip and spring roll basket would take a whole bag of chips)

        Quite a few pre-sets on there and its pretty easy to use. Weve used it for a variety of stuff from baking banana bread, grilling veggies, air frying chips and spring rolls. Does a solid job on all of them (see the crevat on the spring rolls below though). Havnt tried the rotisserie yet but will try some kebabs when I do

        One thing to note though is the fan does always come on and has only a high/low function but cant be switched off, so technically its a mini fan forced oven and was wayyy more efficient at baking/cooking/frying than the old broken mini oven thing we had. On that note as well, Spring rolls are better fried in a vat the traditional way. the air fry does make it crunchy, but just doesnt 'fry' it like a vat of oil does (we perfer this unhealthy version haha)

        The one from Aldi is exactly the same as this Smith and Noble sold at Harris Scarf.

        The Breville one posted by the OP would be too much of a premium for my mrs to even consider it but if you google around im sure you can find some cheaper ones from the likes of Kogan etc. This Sunbeam here is $182 with a similar 20+Lt capacity

        Good luck and happy Oven air frying

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    I really need to find other things to use my air fryer for. Currently I use it for nothing but potato gems…….It's a glorified potato gems cooker….. :-(

    • +4

      Anything you can cook in an oven can also be done in the air fryer, as long as it fits of course. We cook all sorts of things in ours, from rissoles to sausage rolls, chicken kebabs, mini pizzas, etc.

    • I heat up pies and pizza. I bake biscuits in it. Also home made chicken nuggets, calzone.
      Sweet potato fries are good in it too.

      Would do pizza too except it doesn't fit in my air fryer. Wife uses it a lot for kale chips.

      We use it almost every day. Basically anything you can do with an oven, which is basically
      what it is. An oven on steroids.

    • Mine is a glorified roast veg machine, lol.

  • -2

    Smart oven but no steam function.

  • +1

    Ugh 230⁰c max is disappointing for the price.

    • +1

      How hot do you need it? The top of the line Philips Airfryers only go up to 200°C.

    • there is a cuisinart steam oven if you are keen enough to try.


      • -2

        Toshiba multi-functional steam toaster oven (2020) vs Cuisinart steam oven (2013)

        I don't buy old technology.

        • +3

          Cooking with heat and steam is a very old way of cooking.
          Don't buy this ancient way of cooking.

    • Very common in japan. Friend has one over here but i forget what brand. Sharp, perhaps.

    • +1


      I guess this is your only option then..

      • The ANOVA is a much more precise system. But it doesn't have a rotisserie, which killed it for my needs.

        • If you don't need a steam, you should have much more option

  • for snacks I use a $20 toaster oven.

  • Assuming you consume 500gm nuggets every week, and @ $3/500gm (woolies nuggets), you could buy enough nuggets to last approx 3 years at this price. Is the extra convenience really worth 3 years of nuggets? :D

    • I agree. Plus the retail space you are taking up on your bench. Aren't you better off using your normal oven?

      • +2

        It is much quicker and cheaper to heat up this oven compared to a full or even half size electric oven.

        Sometimes you (well, I) also just need an extra oven too.

      • haha… I don't own a microwave, so we have an empty space in the kitchen… something to fill.

        Plus once you get it, you can air fry things… which hopefully tastes more like oil frying rather than baking…(not that tasty)

  • Has anyone got the Combi Wave? Thoughts?

  • Yes this is the one to get. In the US you can buy a second airfrying basket from Breville. Also a chopping board of the right size to sit on top (the top gets really hot and chopping board allows you to put stuff on the top).

    I have a standards Philips airfryer that I have had for about four years. When it dies I will buy one of these, but happy to wait.

    I'd also be happy to try the Aldi version of this one that was sold a few weeks ago, but didn't want to line up and battle for it LOL!!

  • We have one of these at work and I always recook my leftover pizza in it.

    People chuck frozen pies and pasties as well but i'd never get the use out of it at home. I don't notice much taste difference between this or an oven.

    • nice of your work to provide an oven rather than just a microwave.
      Anyone tried to cook in that?
      There was a sandwich press my my previous workplace and someone uses it to fry bacon

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