GPU Query- Time to upgrade or wait it out?

Hi All,

Needing some advice and opinions :)

I've currently got a 1080TI FE installed in my PC and contemplating whether its time to upgrade. I really want to get it done before Cyberpunk hits a i've been waiting years for that game.

I'm currently gaming at 1440p 165hz but am around 90-100FPS in most games on high/ultra settings. Running i9 9990k CPU and more than enough RAM.

I had ordered one of the new ASUS 3080 TUF OC cards but with the waiting times on them I've cancelled it as I honestly don't think i'd see it before 2021.

My question is: Is it worth me looking at the 2080Ti cards to upgrade as they've gone down alot in price with the latest release or should I just grin and bear the waiting time for a 3080 ( hopefully for early next year! )

Cheers all!


  • wait.

  • 2080s have gone up in price the past few weeks from what I've seen. Probably because there's a shortage of them plus the 30xx series. if you can wait, I'd wait. The 3070 is supposed to be released this Thurs so at least give it a few days and see what happens with this.

  • Im in the same boat with a 1080ti, and i think I'm already CPU bottlenecked with my i7 4790k. I'll wait it out and see how the new big navi cards look.

  • Upgrade now and enjoy it now.. or wait for (anything is possible)

  • if you can get a 2080 Ti for $950-$1000, I think it's a good price, then resell your 1080 ti for $500-$550. If you can do this, the worst that would happen in the next 6 months would be losing like $200 on the 2080 Ti in value, but then there could also be potentially more reasonable price for the 3080

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  • I'm still using 2 970s in SLI, so my time is running out as well with support for SLI being canned. At this stage I'm happy enough with the performance (2560x1440p/75hz) but 3080 is calling…. May end up buying a prebuilt with the 3080 in it and parting the rest out to make back the $$…

  • Just wait as noted above. Had a few posts now asking similar if not the same question. Search before typing the same thing in another post ?

    • Yeah righto mate, i did a search and couldn't find another post with the same situation as me so figured it warranted a new post :)

      • Fair mate, I think it might have just been all the older model deals that people were commenting on to wait for the new gen, my bad, wasn't in forums.

  • Wait, overall it just benefits you so much more.

    Your 1080Ti is working fine so there's no immediate need to upgrade.
    CP is a single player game so you could always wait to play with a 3080 or play with the 1080Ti and replay with the 3080 (& appreciate the higher details).
    It's extremely likely you'll see an RTX3000 & CP bundle deal closer to Christmas if you haven't already preordered.
    A new 2080Ti just isn't worth it unless its drops to 3070 pricing (in a few days) and I wouldn't risk that kind of money on a used 2080Ti, just don't know what it was used for and the warranty may have been voided.
    AMD's big announcement is going to be in a few days, if the 6800XT does well then you can expect some competition (bundles or price cuts) in the next few months.