Replacing Kitchen Exhaust Fans. Is This a DIY Job?

Can this be done by myself or is a professional required? I.e. is it no skill required? Just looking to replace an existing one duct is already in place.


  • Do you mean your rangehood?

  • If it's wired in exhaust fan, by law in Australia, a sparkie is supposed to install it

    If it's a plug in (3 pin plug) you can DIY, if you are capable of DIY.

  • Did my bathroom exhaust fan which is much the same as the kitchen one, a rangehood might be a bit harder though.

    ~$50-$100 from Bunnings, about 6 screws and 3 cables that slotted straight in and it was done. Nothing that someone with a bit of DIY knowhow couldn't do. Plenty of Youtube videos as well.

    But yeah, legalities might be touch and go.

  • No skill. I'm running a 1800cfm unit and it's all 10A plugs.

    If you need to cut/increase the hole to fit the unit, you will need a drill and a jigsaw.